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The probability of Biden winning (in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) given Trump's early lead
is less than 1 in 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (1 followed by 60 zeros) (2020)

(What are the odds?) (see page 8).

September 24, 1:00 pm 09/24/2021 - Presentation of the Maricopa County Election Audit (Arizona State Legislature).

Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment.

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Idaho doctor reports a '20 times increase' of cancer in vaccinated patients (2021).



DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH (2021) 43:12.

JUST IN: Jim Jordan says he can prove Fauci LIED (2021) 8:08.

Rand Paul ENDS Dr. Fauci's Whole Career As He Panics and FREAKS OUT 7-20-21 BlazeTV (2021) 6:39.

Covid Vax is a massive mistake, deaths - Professor Luc Montagnier Nobel Laureate (2021) 2:18.

Free Blood Clots with Every Covid Jab (2021) 18:36.



People with normal vitamin D levels are unaffected by COVID-19 says William Grace, MD (2021) 0:47.

Houston doctor successfully treated over 20K patients with hydroxychloroquine (2021) 3:36.

8 Ways the mRNA Vaccine May Kill You (2021) 6:15.

WHAT WILL THE mRNA VACCINE DO IN YOUR BODY? (subtítulos español) (2021) 6:44.

Instant Covid Tests London (2020) 4:26.

Deltoid Injection For Vaccination - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim (2021) 3:45.
(At a right (90-degree) angle slowly insert the needle into their skin and draw back slightly to ensure you have not entered a blood vessel?)

More Dead Pilots BA, DELTA and Now Jet Blue (2021) 17:38.

Vaccine deaths news     All 10 Links       Rumble       Odysee       Gab TV       NewTube       YouTube       Brighteon       BitChute       BANNED.video       BrandNewTube       Vimeo .

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Conservative MP calls for nationwide rollout of vitamin D tablets to people at-risk from Covid-19
after a Spanish region sees 82% drop in deaths following supplement programme (2021).

Manufacturer to move hydroxychloroquine production to the UK to avoid shortages (2020).

Immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's (2021).

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (2021).

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS).

DR. SIMONE GOLD, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE COVID-19 VACCINE     Rumble       Odysee       BitChute       Brighteon.

URGENT - Cytokine Storm BUILT INTO mRNA after 3-6 months (see links for more) (2021) 3:29.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny - You Will Start Seeing The Effects Of The Covid19 Vaccines In 3-6 Months (2021) 1:03:01.

Dr Andrew Wakefield Explains mRNA (2020) 9:53.


Prof Dolores Cahill; Why People Will Start Dying A Few Months After the First MRNA Vaccination (2021) 12:36.

Dr. Louise Lagendijk giving info about the risks of mRNA vaccine (2021) 6:09.

Dr. David Martin and Judy Mikovits explain why the mRNA vaccine is NOT a vaccine (2021) 6:19.

IsItDownRightNow.com     Gab       Parler       Bitchute.

Donald J. Trump.     Gab       Rumble       News.

Sidney Powell     Telegram.

Lin Wood     Telegram.

Lin Wood news     All 10 Links       Rumble       Odysee       Gab TV       NewTube       YouTube       Brighteon       BitChute       BANNED.video       BrandNewTube       Vimeo .

Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0 (2021).

Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?     Rumble       Odysee       Gab TV       NewTube       YouTube       Brighteon       BitChute.

A link to an AFFIDAVIT testimony of an ITALIAN JUDGE about LEONARDO'S role in switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

A link to a VIDEO testimony of an ITALIAN JUDGE about LEONARDO'S role in switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

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Studies reveal nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels (2020).

Messenger RNA news     All 10 Links       Rumble       Odysee       Gab TV       NewTube       YouTube       Brighteon       BitChute       BANNED.video       BrandNewTube       Vimeo.

mRNA news     All 10 Links       Rumble       Odysee       Gab TV       NewTube       YouTube       Brighteon       BitChute       BANNED.video       BrandNewTube       Vimeo.

TWJ Exclusive: Bombshell New Legal Memo Giving Trump Supporters Hope on Christmas Eve (2020).



Pharmaceutical factory on fire after explosion (2020).



January 6, 2021: The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.

URGENT News about the Covid-19 Vaccine (2021).

Anaphylaxis Following m-RNA COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt (2020).

Supreme Court of The United States Refused Texas Case     Odysee       BitChute.

U.S. Senate: Oath of Office (Crime Stop Program).

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas to Supreme Court (2020) 1:27.

The probability of Biden winning (in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) given Trump's early lead
is less than 1 in 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (1 followed by 60 zeros) (2020)

(What are the odds?) (see page 8).

Mathematician: Election numbers don't add up (2021) 2:42.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai presents his data at the Arizona Hearing (2020) 1:19.

Enough Votes to Turn the Election–Voting Machine Secrets Revealed (2020) 23:49.


(This civil action brings to light a massive election fraud, multiple
violations of Georgia laws, including O.C.G.A. §§ 21-2-30(d), 21-2-31, 21-2-
33.1 and §21-2-522, and multiple Constitutional violations, as shown by fact
witnesses to specific incidents, multiple expert witnesses and the sheer
mathematical impossibilities found in the Georgia 2020 General Election.)

Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL (2020) 20:40.

Donald J. Trump.     Gab       Rumble       News.

The FBI Knew About Hunter Biden's Laptop A Year Ago - Where Was FBI Director Wray? (true crime) (2020) 7:48.
(FBI's press conference about Hunter Biden's Laptop coming soon?)

Prophylaxis | Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 | Zinc   Vitamin C   Vitamin D (2020).

(Prophylaxis | Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 | Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Dose: 400 mg twice a day on Day 1, followed by 400 mg once weekly for the next 7 weeks; to be taken with meals (2020).)

Hydroxychloroquine       Azithromycin       Ivermectin.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India.

Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview 7.2.20 (2020) 31:11.

Dr. Raoult successful CV study, 99.5% recovery with Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin (HCQ + AZ) (COVID-19) (English subtitles) (2020) 9:06.

Texas Doctor Claims to Have a Silver Bullet for COVID-19 July 6, 2020
(Budesonide (BUD) (asthma medicine)).

"Yet, despite the fact that scientists from across the globe were able to spot the fake paper with ease,
neither The Lancet nor the world's leading experts in public health, the World Health Organisation, could." June 18, 2020
(Fake International) (Fraud International) (Corruption) (Organized Crime) (Organised Crime).

Bangladeshi doctors claim to have found drug combination to cure COVID-19 patients May 17, 2020
(Ivermectin with Doxycycline).

Texas Pharmacy Board Backs Down on Coronavirus Medicine Restrictions
The Texas pharmacy board changed its guidance so that physicians are no longer required to provide a written diagnosis when prescribing
hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients (HCQ) May 14, 2020.


Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients, States Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) (HCQ) April 28, 2020.

Dr Didier Raoult : Reassuring results and talk about Hydro Chloroquine Treatment (COVID-19) (HCQ) (English subtitles) (2020) 10:34.

Hydroxychloroquine May NOT Work Without Taking Zinc (COVID-19) (HCQ) (2020) 4:11.

Hydroxychloroquine proving an effective treatment for coronavirus patients aroun (COVID-19) (HCQ) (2020) 3:49.

Zydus Cadila boosts HCQ production 10X to 150 million 200mg tablets per month (COVID-19) (Apr 8, 2020).

Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Tablets (Shelf life 36 months?) (HCQ).
(Hydroxychloroquine was approved for medical use in the United States in 1955.)

China Daily news.

The Straits Times Singapore news.

Republic World news.

NTD news.

Vancouver news.

El Día Tenerife.       Diario Sur Málaga.       El Mundo.       El País.

SWI swissinfo.ch news.       Neue Zürcher Zeitung.       Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Financial Times news.

NewsAsia - YouTube.

Republic World - YouTube.

The Next News Network     BitChute       Rumble       YouTube.

Youmaker news.

Fox News - YouTube.

Newsmax TV - YouTube.

Rumble news.

YouTube news.

LiveLeak.com news.

Dailymotion news.

UGETube news.

Vimeo news.

News - Brighteon.

BitChute - news.

YOUKU - news.

Baidu news.

CBS news.

One America News Network.

Fox news.

Newsmax news.

RT news.

The Times of India news.

Hindustan Times news.

The Dallas Morning News.       660 AM The Answer (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) (radio).

Miami Herald news.

The Jerusalem Post news.       nakim.org.

BBC news.       The Exposé news.       UK Home | Daily Mail Online.

The Intercept news.

The Gateway Pundit.

News | The White House.

WikiLeaks on Twitter (WikiLeaks is a journalist organization).

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - ICIJ .

Bellingcat - the home of online investigations.

Transparency International is a global civil society organization.

The motto of Judicial Watch is “Because no one is above the law”.

Steel Truth Media.


RedPill78 - The Corruption Detector     Rumble       Odysee       Gab TV       BitChute       podcast.

Project Veritas       BitChute       Telegram       YouTube       Veritas Visuals.

David Zublick Channel     BitChute.

The Alex Jones Show     The Alex Jones Show.

Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech.

X22Report Channel     Rumble       BitChute       podcast.

Judicial Watch Channel       Rumble     YouTube.

Safe Travels Guy Channel.

NRA news (NRA is a civil rights organization).

Justice through genomics.

INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization).

FBI Most Wanted (FBI Most Hard To Find.) (true crime).

Black Book Online (search engine).

SWISSCOWS (web search engine).

Dogpile Web Search.

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Yasni® People Search.

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

List of search engines.

Compare Bible translations     Luke 4:4       John 3:16       Acts 4:27       Revelation 22:19     (books).

Compare Bible translations     Exodus 20:2       Exodus 20:3       Exodus 20:4       Exodus 20:7       Exodus 20:8     (books).

Unicode Lookup (Coded Character Set).

Emoji Cheat Sheet.

IP Address Geographical Location Finder.

What is My IP address?, What's my IP location?, IP Address Tools, Lookup Tools.

Whois Lookup (a domain name or an IP address).

ICANN WHOIS (a domain name or an IP address).

Which pole is colder Arctic (North Pole) or Antarctic (South Pole)?

US Weather - Current Temperatures Map     Celsius       Fahrenheit.

Weather forecast for     Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)       Málaga (Spain)       Madrid (Spain).

Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength for     Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)       Málaga (Spain)       Madrid (Spain).

The Weather Channel.

Flightradar24 (live flight tracker) (travel).

Real Academia Española (Spanish language) (Spain).

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(Open On-Screen Keyboard (Windows key + Ctrl + O) and choose a Spanish keyboard?)

Instituto Cervantes (Spanish language) (Spain).

Radio Nacional de España (Spanish language) (Spain) (radio).

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Standard Chinese (Chinese language) (China).

British and American English Differences: 25 American English Words That Have a Completely Different Meaning in Britain.

Time and Date AS (current time (world clock) and online and printable calendars for countries worldwide and more).

Poste restante (travel).

Destinations from Vancouver (YVR) (Canada) (travel).

Destinations from Dallas (USA) (travel)       Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) (seven runways)       Dallas Love Field (DAL) (two runways).

Destinations from Madrid-Barajas (MAD) (four runways) (Spain) (travel).       Tenerife Norte-Ciudad de La Laguna Airport (TFN) (Spain) (travel).       Tenerife Sur Airport (TFS) (Spain) (travel).

Destinations from Reykjavík-Keflavik (KEF) (Iceland) (travel).

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Destinations from Prague (PRG) (Czech Republic) (travel).

Destinations from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) (six runways) (Netherlands) (travel).

FlightsFrom.com - All routes and scheduled flights from every airport (travel).

FlightConnections (travel).

SeatGuru (travel).

FlightAware (travel).

Airbus A380 (the world's largest passenger airliner) destinations (travel).

Longest flights (travel).

Towards the world's first zero-emission commercial aircraft.

Boeing 777X (wide-body jet airliner) (twin-aisle aircraft) (777-8 range 8,730 nmi (16,170 km), 777-9 range 7,285 nmi (13,500 km)) (travel).

Airbus A321XLR (narrow-body jet airliner) (single-aisle aircraft, six-abreast cabin, range 4,700nm/8,700km?) (travel).

Air Miles Calculator.

Distance Calculator (travel).

DistanceFromTo (travel).

Travelmath trip calculator, route planner (travel).

ViaMichelin Michelin trip calculator, route planner (travel).

City-Data.com (US crime statistics) (USA crime statistics) (US crime rate) (USA crime rate).

Google Maps.

Names of large numbers (How many zeros is that?).

Free Online Calculators.

Keisan Online Calculator.

Compute answers using Wolfram's breakthrough technology & knowledgebase.

What is the correct answer of [6/2(2+1)], 1 or 9? (mathematics).


Lists of mathematics topics.

ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects - Mathematics.
(Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) (Shanghai Ranking) in Mathematics.)

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021 - Mathematics.

The Abel Prize (is more prestigious than the Nobel Prize?) (mathematics).

The Fields Medal (is the most prestigious award with an age limit?) (mathematics).

TOP500 (the fastest supercomputers) (hardware).

List of largest companies by revenue.

The World's Billionaires (a millionaire times 1000).

Total number of Websites - Internet Live Stats.

AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank).

Hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen production.

List of photovoltaics companies.

List of countries by electricity production from renewable sources.

U.S. Field Production of Crude Oil (If website is blocked use a proxy server?).

List of countries by oil production (oil lottery winners).
(Example: (Oil Production per capita in 2017) 1. Kuwait, 2. Qatar, 3. United Arab Emirates, 4. Saudi Arabia, 5. Norway.)

Oil reserves (oil lottery winners).

Schengen Area (EU open borders area).

Prostitution by region. (Example: Legal to sell, illegal to buy (psycho laws?) (The most human trafficking friendly option?) (Canada, France, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden) (2018).)

The International Energy Agency (IEA) (hydrogen).

Airbus Is Planning To Debut A Hydrogen-Powered Airliner By The Early 2030s (2020).

A 1,310-megawatt solar energy farm in northeast Texas (1.31GW) (1310MW) (1310000kW).

Denmark approves plans to build North Sea 'energy island' (3GW - 10GW) (3000MW - 10000MW) (3000000kW - 10000000kW) (2021).

Free public transport (2020).

Hong Kong says US documents 'got Edward Snowden's middle name wrong' (2013).

UN Jerusalem vote list: The 128 countries that didn't back US over their Israel capital decision (Did the authors of the Quran forget to mention Jerusalem?) (books) (2017).

The Swiss Sovereign Money Initiative Rejected (Voter majority required 24.3% YES - 75.7% NO Cantonal majority required 0 YES - 23 NO (20 + 6/2 (all 26 cantons NO)) (2018)).

Squatting is a growing threat to property owners in Spain, particularly in Catalonia (2020).       Property tax in Spain | Property costs in Spain | COMMUNAL PAYMENTS | INSURANCE (2020)       Wealth tax in Spain explained! (2020).

Fireproof cladding that would have prevented Grenfell Tower tragedy 'would have cost just £5,000 extra' -
and the cheap version that WAS used is BANNED in America (2017).

About 23,000 individuals in the UK have diplomatic immunity (2019).

For the first time in decades, the UK will have full control over who comes to this country and how our immigration system operates (2020).

Human trafficking death penalty bill passes House (2016).

Cabinet okays bill providing for death penalty for rape of girl below 12 years (2018).

The Norwegian government will reduce the Norwegian "quantity discount" in criminal cases (2016).

Only in Norway?: Cop killer freed after 10 years (2014).

Norwegian airport very organized crime scandal (Organised Crime).

Ex-Cop Has 700 Epstein Blackmail Videos (FBI also Has 700 Epstein Blackmail Videos) (true crime) (2019).

Christopher Sign Dies: Alabama TV Anchor Who Broke Bill Clinton Tarmac Visit With Loretta Lynch Was 45 (Clinton body count) (true crime) (2021).
(Secret on the Tarmac Paperback – January 1, 2020 by Christopher Sign, Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #37 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) June 14, 2021).

The Clinton body count (What happened?) (true crime) (2016).

A look at the Clinton body count and their connections (true crime) (2016).

TrumpSingles.com - Making Dating Great Again!

The Tinder Swindler (true crime) (2019).

US Border Wall System (Crime Stop Program).

Countries applying biometrics.

Biometric passport.

Passport validity.

List of national identity card policies by country.

List of passports.

Passport stamp.

Category:Visa policy by country.

Category:Visa requirements by nationality.

Multiple citizenship.

Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland.

Taxes in Wollerau, Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland.
(Schwyz is the only Swiss canton not to impose inheritance or gift tax (2019).)

Value-added tax (VAT) (GST).

Sales tax.

Gift tax.

Wealth tax.

Inheritance tax.

Property tax.

List of countries by tax rates.


U.S. Senate: Oath of Office (Crime Stop Program).

Kickback (bribery) (true crime).

Treason (true crime).

List of people convicted of treason.

Life imprisonment.

Three-strikes law.

List of longest prison sentences.

Status of State Capital Punishment (death penalty in the United States by individual states).

Capital punishment by country (death penalty by country).

Defense of infancy (Minimum Ages of Criminal Responsibility).

Place of birth.

Shooting sports.

International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).


European Firearms Directive.

Constitutional carry (Ages to carry without a permit.).       Brady Rule.

Overview of gun laws by nation.

Active Self Protection - YouTube.

Block Watch Society of BC - YouTube.

The NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim® program is not a firearms or self-defense class.

States That Have Stand Your Ground Laws (USA).

Gun laws in Texas.

Texas HB 1935 Signed Into Law.
(Effective September 1, 2017 there will be no restrictions on the carry of knives in Texas (No Illegal Knife Types in Texas)
except for knives with blades over 5-1/2 inches (restricted in certain locations).)

Can you pass the FBI pistol qualification?

Physical Training Guide Exercise Videos | SEALSWCC.

Interactive Chess Checkmate Practice     King and Queen       King and Rook       Two Bishops       Knight and Bishop     Queen vs Rook
(Reload page for a new position.) (Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) (board game)) (Solutions install Arena Chess GUI + tablebase.).

Brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles, viral math problems, and math topics from viewers around the world (MindYourDecisions).

Single Variable Calculus (mathematics).

Multivariable Calculus (mathematics).

The Abel Prize - YouTube (mathematics).

Xiangqi (Chinese chess (board game)).

Learn Chinese Chess (board game) in English.

Learning Chinese Chess (board game) - YouTube.

SWIM FAST - YouTube.

Vancouver Airport (YVR) - YouTube.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) - YouTube

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Gatwick Airport (LGW) - YouTube.

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - YouTube.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) - YouTube.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) - YouTube.

TSA - YouTube.


Speed Loading with the J Kenny & Co Lifter - Benelli M2 (Quad load when you have an open bolt (empty chamber).) (12 gauge shotgun) (2019) 0:04.

Glock 34 - Full Auto (G34) (9x19mm pistol) 0:05.

Heizer PAR1 .223 pistol (2015) 0:06.

10rds of .338 Lapua from the DRD Tactical Kivaari, video 2 (8.58x70mm rifle) (Modern Ultra Long Range Rifle) (Modern Hunting Rifle) 0:08.

Glock 28 México (G28) (.380 AUTO pistol) 0:08.

Glock modelo 44 calibre 22lr (Glock 44) (G44) (.22LR pistol) (2019) 0:08.

Drawing a Glock 42 from a Concealed Carry Shirt (G42) (.380 AUTO pistol) 0:08.

Leader 50 A1 Firing (Semi-Auto .50 BMG Bullpup Rifle) (12.7×99mm rifle) (2018) 0:08.

The new STI DVC Open gun (single-action only pistol) (2017) 0:09.

Single sided privacy deadbolt (2020) 0:09.

Glock 44 calibre 22lr (G44) (.22LR pistol) (2019) 0:10.

CZC A01-LD 15m Rapid (by CZ Custom Shop) (9x19mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 19+1) (bull barrel) (2019) 0:10.

Glock 40 MOS Shooting Bowling Pins (G40) (10mm AUTO pistol) (Barrel Length: 153mm / 6.02 inch) 0:10.

GLOCK g25 .380 Customizada (Glock 25) (.380 AUTO pistol) 0:10.

Arsenal Firearms af1 strike one pistol 0:10.

Marisa fires Glock 42 one handed (G42) (The Glock 42 is the smallest Glock.) (.380 AUTO pistol) 0:11.

Texas star practice with the STI DVC Limited with Cheyenne Dalton (9x19mm single-action only pistol) (2017) 0:12.

IPSC World Champion Robert Vogel in Costa Rica Academia ACSI (pistol) 0:12.

EASY TO USE - NIGHTLOCK Door Brace - Short Demo how to Lock and Unlock
(Remember to add an extra security feature on the security product after it is installed or activated.) 0:13.

Blue Passports (2020) 0:14.

World champion 2015. 3x champion of Russia. Lady Kalashnikov team. IPSC (2016) 0:14.

Practical Shotgun: Speed Steels (8 Targets and 3 no shoots), Beretta 1301 Comp Pro Semi-Auto (2021) 0:15.

Trampoline with a handgun 0:15.

Grand Master Justine Williams, age 13 (USPSA Shooting) (pistol) (2018) 0:15.

Beretta 87 target (.22LR single-action only pistol) (Barrel Length: 150mm / 5.9 inch) 0:15.

18 year old Lena Miculek-Afentul shooting full auto M4 (Top lady shooter) (5.56x45mm rifle) 0:16.

Christian Coleman 6.34 WORLD RECORD (60m) (track running) (42.3s per 400m) (1m46s per km) (2018) 0:16.

Bekkah shooting clays with Ruger SR22 (.22LR pistol) 0:17.

Man killed by dog he adopted hours before - Anthony Riggs 0:17.

Reviewing the FN 5.7 Pistol (5.7x28mm pistol) (trigger type single-action only) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) 0:17.

CobraTec King Cobra (knife) (Blade Length: 4".) (2020) 0:17.

How to avoid Bag Snatching from your Car (English) (2018) 0:19.

100-year-old Orville Rogers sets an age group record in the men's 60m! (Age group M 100) (60m) (19.13) (track running) (2m8s per 400m) (5m19s per km) (2018) 0:19.

How to quickly lock your screen in Windows 10 (Windows key + L) 0:21.

Proace 4x4 (car) (2019) 0:23.

Nikola Motor Company - Nikola Tre Unveiling (commercial truck) (hydrogen) (2019) 0:23.

Rifle World Shoot 2019 Stage 23 (IPSC World Champion Jarkko Laukia) (IPSC shooting) (5.56x45mm rifle) (Modern Sporting Rifle) (MSR)

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 diesel 2021 (car) 0:26.

Bob Vogel: The Mozambique Drill 0:26.

Beretta 1301 Comp PRO (12 gauge shotgun) (Standard Magazine Capacity: 10+1) (2019) 0:27.

Alarm Duress Code | PROTECTION PLUS (2019) 0:29.

KB Butterfly Stretch (physical training) (physical exercise) 0:30.

FN five-seven 30 round magazine (5.7×28mm pistol) (trigger type single-action only) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) 0:30.

Team SIG Captain Max Michel Breaks World Record (Steel Challenge Shooting) (pistol) (2018) 0:30.

American Eagle® Syntech™ Commercial (range ammunition) (pistol) 0:30.

New Suites and Business Class | Singapore Airlines (2017) 0:30.

Tailgating 0:31.

CZ TS 2 - Eric Grauffel (9x19mm pistol) (single-action only pistol) (2020) 0:31.

Latch catch demo (Remember to add an extra security feature on the security product after it is installed or activated.) 0:33.

Texas woman shoots, kills armed intruder who broke into her house - Daily Mail (2018) 0:34.

Montague DirectConnect Folding Bike Demo
(Montague bicycles are designed for a maximum total weight of rider plus luggage of 113kg
  or a maximum total weight of rider plus luggage plus bicycle of 127kg.) (cycling) (biking) (bicycling) (2016) 0:35.

Does Texas have a “Three Strikes” law? How does it work? (2016) 0:36.

Squat (physical training) (physical exercise) 0:36.

Squat, Sumo (physical training) (physical exercise) 0:36.

Glock 26 9mm shot by ten year old tennessee (G26) (9x19mm pistol) 0:37.

Marijuana Is Still Illegal in Texas (The Texas Constitution forbids personal income taxes.) (2020) 0:38.

SIG Sauer P226 X Five Allround SA DA decocker Demonstration (9x19mm pistol) 0:38.

Ruger Single 10 (.22LR single-action only revolver) 0:39.

Psycho Training? (2018) 0:40.

Nightlock Lockdown 2 Tutorial (Remember to add an extra security feature on the security product after it is installed or activated.) 0:41.

Lapua Sponsored Shooter IPSC World Champion Teemu Rintala @ IPSC World Shoot 2017 Russia (Modern Sporting Rifle) (MSR) 0:41.

The Air Squat (physical training) (physical exercise) 0:41.

Travel More Than 900 Miles in This Hydrogen-Fueled Plane (2016) 0:42.

Sheriff Grady Judd has message for criminals (2020) 0:42.

Push Ups and Plate Rack 0:44.

Waterproof Bible | waterfall & paper test (books) (2017) 0:44.

New Formula 1 Pit Stop World Record (1.82s / Red Bull Racing / 2019 Brazilian GP) (2019) 0:44.

Usain Bolt 9.58 100m New World Record Berlin [HQ] (track running) (38.3s per 400m) (1m36s per km) (2009) 0:45.

FULL AUTO GLOCK 18C!! SHOOTING (G18C) (9x19mm pistol) 0:45.

FD12 Bullpup Shotgun (12 gauge shotgun) 0:47.

New Range Rover Sentinel – Security Beneath the Surface (car) (2019) 0:48.

CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE CAL. 9MM (9x19mm pistol) (no firing pin block safety) (bushing barrel) (2019) 0:49.

GLOCK 18 full-auto pistol: at the shooting range with the GLOCK 18 - 33 shots in 1.65 seconds! (G18C) (G18) (9x19mm pistol) 0:49.

Cyclone electric cargo bike load 300kg (bicycle) (2018) 0:49.

AK TR3 capabilities. А civilian version of the AK-12! (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.45x39 rifle) (a Russian-made Kalashnikov) (2020) 0:50.

The MDRX has left the building! (MDR Gen2) (bullpup rifle) (Modern Sporting Rifle) (MSR) (2020) 0:51.

Sig P232 (.380 AUTO pistol) 0:51.

Dot Calling 1 (pistol) 0:52.

223 Rem. Vs. 5.56x45mm (Which caliber is best? Answer: 5.56x45mm.) 0:53.

Smart TV Spy Cam (2017) 0:54.

12 year old girl running a Smith& Wesson 929 (removable compensator ON) (M929) (9x19mm Revolver Capacity: 8   Barrel Length: 6.5" / 16.5 cm) 0:55.

Introducing #ZEROe (hydrogen) (aircraft) (travel) (2020) 0:57.

Godfather Auto Knife, 13" Stiletto, Black 0:57.

Finding lost soldiers (2019) 0:59.

Discover the all-new Nissan Ariya (car) (2020) 1:00.

Wayde van Niekerk breaks 400m world record to win gold (track running) (43.03) (43.0s per 400m) (1m48s per km) (2016) 1:00.

IPSC cup March plus random practice (Sig Sauer P226 LDC II) (9x19mm pistol) 1:00.

ALIEN - disassembly (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 1:01.

Hydrogen fuel cell: easyJet aim to begin trials of hybrid plane in 2016 - TomoNews 1:02.

New bullet safe to fire on planes (2016) 1:03.

World Speed Shooting Duel (IPSC World Champion Max Michel) (9x19mm rifle) (9x19mm pistol) 1:03.

uni Kuru Toga ADVANCE (2018) 1:03.

Cobra By FAB Defense® (Quick Deployment Folding Glock Stock) (Glock SBR) 1:03.

SIG Sauer P226 X-Five Production Optics in 9mm Luger: die Match Pistole auf dem Schießstand (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 5 inch) (2019) 1:04.

Tactical Tuesday: M007 (9x19mm pistol) 1:04.

Hands-Only CPR Instructional Video (2020) 1:05.

ลองยิง Glock34 GEN 5 ขนาด9มม (Glock 34) (G34) (9x19mm pistol) 1:05.

3 Stage Lock Carabiner 1:05.

DoorJammer LOCKDOWN - PAS24 IMPACT TEST! 1:06.

Parashears (shears) (scissors) 1:06.

Denmark to convert excess renewable energy into hydrogen fuel (2019) 1:06.

Taurus Raging Judge Magnum (Taurus Raging Judge® 513 revolver   barrel: 3" or 6-1/2"   capacity: 6   cal.: 45 Colt / .454 Casull / 410 ga (2.5" & 3") (2017)) 1:06.

Recovery Position (2021) 1:07.

Russian sniper hits all targets in complete dark at 2km distance (bolt-action sniper rifle) (Lobaev Arms) (Dedal-NV) (2019) 1:07.

China-made electric plane ready for mass production (2016) 1:07.

Beretta 1301 Comp PRO // Full Features (Magazine Capacity: 10+1) (12 gauge shotgun) (2019) 1:08.

Noreen Firearms Bad News AR-Platform 338 Lapua Shooting Demo (8.58x70mm rifle) (Modern Ultra Long Range Rifle) (Modern Hunting Rifle) 1:08.

Obama Has Now Doubled Bush's Debt, Which He Called Irresponsible & Unpatriotic - Hello $18-Trillion!
($18 times one million times one million) ($18 000 000 000 000) (Obama fraud?) (2014) 1:08.

The Dyson 360 Heurist™ robot vacuum cleaner learns and adapts to your home (Height 120mm Length 24cm Width 23cm) (2020) 1:10.

The World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Boat (2017) 1:10.

MIKO ANDRES 6 year old - extra ordinary (IPSC shooting) (pistol) 1:10.

Kneeling Handcuffing (2015) 1:12.

Gunny & Glock - Wrong Diner - Extended Version 1:13.

Shooting the new IWI Tavor 7 (bullpup rifle) (modern farm rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (7.62x51mm rifle) (modern hunting rifle) (2019) 1:13.

Easy to make Homemade Pen Sanitizer DIY and no tension to touch public surfaces (2020) 1:14.

Introduction to the M-Vac Forensic DNA Collection System (2016) 1:14.

DOG ATTACKS POLICE!! UK vs. USA (2012) 1:14.

Cat S62 Pro - a new way to look at the world (phone) (smartphone) (2020) 1:15.       Cat® S62 Pro.

How to use your Galaxy XCover Pro with gloves (a smartphone with a removable battery) (phone) (2020) 1:15.       Compare phones.

How to set your Rolex Explorer (2021) 1:16.

The NEW TaurusTX™ 22 Competition (.22LR pistol) (2021) 1:18.

Tips on how to recognize a fake police officer 1:19.

Spy: Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai 1:19.

CZ Custom A01-LD - SHOT Show 2019 (CZC A01-LD) (by CZ Custom Shop) (9x19mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 19+1) (bull barrel) 1:21.

Former IPSC World Champion Dave Sevigny, Head Cam, Moving Target (pistol) 1:21.

Drawing from a Safariland Model 6360 ALS / SLS Duty Holster (pistol) 1:22.

Trump suggests the death penalty for drug dealers (2018) 1:22.

Improve your shooting with this ONE weird trick (2021) 1:24.

Beretta M9A3 Comparison Type F Versus Type G (Beretta M9A3 9mm pistol is also available in black) (9x19mm pistol) 1:24.
Beretta M9 - 92/96 G Conversion Kit.

TUCKER CARLSON Calls on Lawmakers to Read Unredacted FISA Memo on House Floor (2018) 1:25.

Pepper Spray 101: Pepper Gel Advantages (2018) 1:25.

WHO: How to handwash? With soap and water (2015) 1:26.

Stable Side Position - New Zealand Red Cross (2017) 1:27.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas to Supreme Court (2020) 1:27.

How to set your Rolex Submariner (2021) 1:27.

Mexico wants to build a wall across southern border (Less crime more money?) (2018) 1:28.

Aboard the first hydrogen commuter train (2017) 1:29.

New Range Rover Sentinel - Testing (car) (2019) 1:29.

AGROBOT Robotic Strawberry Harvester (2018) 1:29.

DIY Hand Sanitizer (2020) 1:30.

Muslim Refugees Attacking Frenchman. But He Has a Surprise (2015) 1:31.

Victorinox 0.8413.MW3 Lockblade sentinel Malaysia (Victorinox Swiss Army Knife) 1:32.

SHOT Show Range Day 2016: The New (to the US) IWI Tavor X95 Bullpup (Tavor Gen2) (bullpup rifle) (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.56x45mm rifle) 1:32.

Cooper's Colors (White, Yellow, Orange, Red) 1:33.

Honda's Hydrogen Home Pump (2010) 1:33.

Texas Misdemeanor vs. Felony offenses (crime level punishment) (2008) 1:34.

Dallas Crime Rates Dropped One-Third During NRA Annual Meetings (2018) 1:34.

Why Is The Sand on Siesta Key, Florida Unique? | Curious Gulf Coast (U.S.A) (vacation) (holiday) 1:35.       Siesta Key Beach - #1 Beach in the USA - Aerial Drone Video - 4K 2020 5:32.

Steyr AUG A3 Semi Auto Rifle (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (bullpup rifle) (5.56x45mm rifle) (A NATO version that accepts standard STANAG (AR) magazines is available.) 1:35.

Only BullPup Style Handgun On The Market (bullpup pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (2018) 1:35.

NAA's Ranger II - A Break Top Mini Revolver | Gun Talk (2018) 1:36.

THORIUM powered cars go 100 years on a fill-up! (2014) 1:36.

The Card Fraud Distraction 1:38.

Is Dr. Ben Carson a tax genius? 1:40.


GLOCK MOS Configuration Instructional Video (pistol) 1:42.

Flashbang video (pistol) 1:42.

CZ 512 Tactical rifle (plinking rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (.22LR rifle) 1:43.

O2 ANPR ANPR Dubai LLCT ANPR introduction (2016) 1:43.

How A Glock Pistol Works (2009) 1:43.

Arm teachers with guns: Trump's solution to school shootings (Add a low-cost security layer.) (How many layers of security are needed?) (2018) 1:44.

Trump: "Nobody Had Guns But The Bad Guys, Nobody" (2015) 1:46.

Quick Tip: Glock Conversion from .40 caliber to 9mm (change the barrel and use a 9mm magazine) (a Glock with a bull barrel) (G17B, G19B, G26B, G34B, G17LB) (pistol) (2016) 1:48.

9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Unload A Handgun 1:49.

Officers give tips on how to spot police impersonators 1:50.

Ruger® Mark IV Recall Notice (.22LR single-action only pistol) 1:50.
(All Ruger® Mark IV™ pistols produced prior to June 1, 2017 are being recalled.)

Сайга-12 исп. 340 (Saiga-12 ver.340) - оружие чемпионов (sporting shotgun) (12 gauge shotgun) 1:51.

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine | Haliade-X | GE Renewable Energy (12 MW (12000 kW) Wind Turbine) (2018) 1:53.

STEYR AUG Z A3 (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (bullpup rifle) (5.56x45mm rifle) (2013) 1:54.

Dial 911 and Die 1:54.

Woman 8 months pregnant uses AR-15 to kill burglar after home intruders attack family
(Florida does not have a state income tax.) (2019) 1:55.

Field Strip CZC A01 and Bull Barrel CZC pistol (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 1:55.

A Tip from Illumiseen: How to Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With a “Heel Lock” or “Lace Lock” 1:55.

EGO Mower Blade Changing and Sharpening 1:55.

Visa Blackcard -destinationluxury.com 1:55.

The Razer Optical Mouse Switch (hardware) (2019) 1:56.

Пистолет "Форт-28" кал. 5,7х28 mm (5.7x28mm pistol) (striker fired pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) (2018) 1:57.

1 man dead, 1 injured after mountain lion attack (The cougar is typically an ambush predator, it attacks from behind.) (puma) 1:57.

Finding an ATM Skimmer in Vienna 1:57.

Walther PPK (.380 AUTO pistol) 1:58.

Glock 34 Gen5 MOS: The Latest Competition-Ready Glock Pistol (G34) (9x19mm pistol) (2018) 1:59.

Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray - How to Use It! (2019) 2:01.

GLOCK 42 Commercial (Extended Cut) (G42) (.380 AUTO pistol) (the world's smallest Glock) 2:02.

Walther PPK 22LR (.22LR pistol) 2:03.

Ruger ® GP100® in 22LR Double Action Revolver (capacity: 10) 2:03.

Usain Bolt 19.19 new WORLD RECORD 200M Berlin 2009 [HQ] (track running) (38.4s per 400m) (1m36s per km) 2:05.

Montague Folding Bikes - Real Bikes That Fold
(Montague bicycles are designed for a maximum total weight of rider plus luggage of 113kg
  or a maximum total weight of rider plus luggage plus bicycle of 127kg.) (2017) (cycling) (biking) (bicycling) 2:05.

Squire SS100 Stronghold (padlock) (locks) (2019) 2:07.

ALIEN hand gun disassembly (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 2:07.

Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk) (2011) 2:10.

Logitech Mouse Double Click Fix - The Most Simple Method. No Dis-assembly Required (hardware) (2014) 2:10.

Oklahoma man kills three home intruders with AR-15 2:11.

The hidden dangers of fentanyl (2018) 2:13.

Azimut Magellano 43 (Azimut Yachts) 2:13.

SILENT 60 | First Impressions (Silent-Yachts) (2021) 1:14.

Peter Ørebech om ACER-saken og Grunnloven (Erna Solberg er ikke kvalifisert til å være Norges statsminister? (Grunnleggende nasjonale interesser.)) (2018) 2:13.

Addalock - Installation Instructions (Remember to add an extra security feature on the security product after it is installed or activated.) 2:13.

Sustainable production of hydrogen gas (hydrogen panel) (2019) 2:14.

SIG Sauer P226 LDC II Tacops pistol: test (9x19mm pistol) 2:15.

Texas Bans Abortions If Heartbeat Is Detected (2021) 2:18.

Airport Police Now Certified To Carry AR-15 rifles (2011) 2:18.

Victorinox Trailmaster One Hand 0.8463.MW3. Распаковка и демонстрация. (Victorinox Swiss Army Knife) 2:18.

Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit – Effective Protection From a Distance (2020) 2:19.       Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit.

Kawasaki: Hydrogen Road 2019 2:20.

The new Walther Q5 Match SF pistol, an all-steel competition gun (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 2:20.
A newer model: Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Black Ribbon OR 5" (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 5 inch) (optics ready).

IPSC World Champion Gushchina Maria Australian Nationals 2017 (pistol) 2:21.

London's brazen moped phone snatchers (smartphone) 2:21.

Ferocious Dog Attacks People, over 20 Injured 2:21.

Stinchfield | Sheriff Wayne Ivey: "You're the First Line of Defense" - 6/19/17 2:22.

Tactical Flashlight for Self-Defense Counterattack, HOW TO USE IT THE RIGHT WAY 2:22.

Flashbang Bra Holster THE Original! Accept no substitutes! (handgun) 2:22.

B&T APC9 PRO Pistol-With Glock magazine compatible lower at Atlantic Firearms (9x19mm pistol) (2020) 2:22.

92-year-old homeowner shoots, kills intruder (2012) 2:23.

President Trump Announces FDA Approval of Hydroxychloroquine for Treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) (HCQ) (2020) 2:25.

Rules for Safe Firearm Handling - Handgun 101 with Top Shot Chris Cheng 2:26.

How to Filter and Sort Your DNA Matches (2019) 2:26.

NEW! Schrade SCHF21 Fixed Blade Boot Knife - Best Extreme Survival Boot Knife (Blade Length: 4.5".) (2014) 2:27.

Casio G-Shock Frogman GWF D1000 - Basel 2016 (watch) 2:27.

Siderlock Safety for Glocks (pistol) 2:28.

NRA Gun of the Week: FNH Five-seveN MK2 (single-action only pistol, with a hidden (not visible) hammer) (5.7x28mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) (2015) 2:28.

CZ P10 Pistol Testing (9x19mm pistol) (2017) 2:29.

A350 XWB AIRBUS CORPORATE JET (cabin space 270m² to 308m²) 2:29.

Hydrogen Energy in Japan (2020) 2:30.

Samsung Galaxy M51 I Meanest Monster Ever (7000mAh battery (non-removable)) (phone) (smartphone) (2020) 2:31.

The International Driver's License by IDL Services Inc. - Details and Benefits (2015) 2:32.

Firearm Safety First, Last, Always | NSSF 2:32.

5 11 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack hq 2:33.

Switzerland embraces XCIENT Fuel Cell, World's 1st Mass Produced Fuel Cell Heavy-duty Truck (hydrogen) (2020) 2:33.

Holster Grip Installation (revolver) 2:34.

SHOT Show 2020: Armscor XT 22 Magnum Pro (.22 Magnum pistol) 2:34.

Ruger® Mark IV™ Pistol Features (.22LR single-action only pistol) 2:35.
(All Ruger® Mark IV™ pistols produced prior to June 1, 2017 are being recalled.)

ELEC CITY Hydrogen Bus: Newest hydrogen technology already part of our daily lives (2020) 2:35.

NSA offered FBI Hillary Clinton emails James Comey refused (2017) 2:36.

Intelligent Energy Showcases 650W fuel cell power module for UAVs (drone) (hydrogen) (2017) 2:39.

Spain' s YouTube stars are moving their residencies to a new hub — vivir en andorra (2021) 2:41.

Eliminate Blind Spots (car) 2:41.

How to install AMG Pedals | Upgrade Stock Pedals for E Class Mercedes W211 (car) 2:42.

Woodway Performance Series (treadmill running) 2:42.

American Heart Association Unveils New CPR Guidelines (2014) 2:44.

Derya shotgun MK12 - video review (12 gauge shotgun) 2:45.

How to Remove rust from Khukuri blade | clean your Kukri Knife | DIY home 2:46.

M-Vac Forensic DNA Collection System in Iceland (2019) 2:46.

Gun Shop Owner Speaks Out Against Tyrannical Local Government Trying To Crush 2nd Amendment (2020) 2:48.

Top 5 tips for avoiding ATM scams (2014) 2:48.

CZ 75 SP-01 Standard vs Tactical Comparison (9x19mm pistol) (2013) 2:48.

You Don't Know Me (feat. Chetti) (music) 2:49.

12 Year Old OK Hero Saved By Exercising Constitutional Rights - Girl Shoots Home Invader Intruder
(Glock pistol (always safe and always ready)) (First time shooter) 2:52.

The Unbreakable Pencil - Zebra DelGuard - Gadgets Under $10 (2017) 2:53.

How a Glock Works (pistol) (2019) 2:54.

2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Concept looks stunning with a new platform (hydrogen) (car) 2:54.

Street dogs fighting in Peru (2016) 2:55.
(After Taser, Pepper spray, Hits with Bat, Pitbull won’t let it GO! (dog).)

TOYOTA Fuel cell - How does it work? (hydrogen) (car) (2014) 2:55.

Fab Defense Cobra Stock (Quick Deployment Folding Glock Stock) (Glock SBR) 2:58.

Toyota Reveals New Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck at the Port of Los Angeles (2017) 2:59.

SIG P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact Pistol (9x19mm pistol) (standard magazine 10 rounds)
(OVERALL LENGTH 5.8 in (147mm) OVERALL WIDTH 1.06 in (27mm) HEIGHT 4.3 in (109mm) WEIGHT 17.8 oz (500g)) (2018) 2:59.

Pro Tip: CPL Travis Tomasie on Calling Your Shots | Shooting USA (pistol) 2:59.

Shooting ProLogium Solid-State Battery 輝能固態電池槍擊測試 PLCB (2019) 2:59.

Running and Walking Safety Tips 3:00.

Introduction to Parabon Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Service
(genetic ancestry, eye color, hair color, skin color, freckling, and face shape in individuals using only genetic information collected from genotyping or DNA sequencing) (2016) 3:01.

How a Teen in Texas gets drivers license (2016) 3:01.

Review Luxury MPV King Toyota Alphard New 2021 (car) 3:02.

DAA Alpha-X Holster Review by Paul Hagiantoniou (handgun) 3:03.

IPSC World Champion Robert Vogel explains how he controls a handgun 3:03.

How to ● Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade ● short and sweet ! 3:04.

Can You Pass the FBI Handgun Qualification? (2017) 3:04.

New Texas law has tougher penalties for drivers who hit pedestrians (2021) 3:05.

SANDRA - Everlasting Love (Stage 1987 - WDR2 Tele Illustriete - Germany) (music) 3:07.

Palmetum Santa Cruz de Tenerife (botanical garden) (Spain) (vacation) (holiday) 3:07.       Top 10 Recommended Hotels In Santa Cruz de Tenerife | Best Hotels In Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2021) 8:57.

Blondie - Dreaming (music) 3:08.

NRA Gun of the Week: Walther PP (.22LR pistol) 3:08.

The Saturdays - Just can't get enough with lyrics (music) 3:08.

2020 Lexus LM – Ultra Luxurious Minivan (car) 3:08.

Consequences of not understanding Counter-steering on a motorcycle (2015) 3:10.

Are You Dehydrated? (2021) 3:11.

When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) (music) 3:11.

Glock recoil spring assembly problem (pistol) 3:11.

Is Angela Merkel a radical socialist? 3:12.

Inside Look: TSA Layers of Security (2017) 3:12.

Gran Canaria - Maspalomas / Dunes / 07.03.2019 /Drone video/ (Spain) (vacation) (holiday) 3:13.

M-Vac Highlights of Murder Decoded Episode "Murder On The Rocks" 4/20/19 3:14.

CZ Shadow 2 Orange - IWA 2019 (9x19mm pistol) (no firing pin block safety) (Magazine Capacity: 19+1) (bushing barrel) 3:16.

Affordable 22LR Snap Cap alternative (2016) 3:16.

How to protect wrist watch screen from scratches and apply screen paper (Casio) (2020) 3:16.

Vancouver dog overdoses on marijuana (2018) 3:17.

Ask the Judge: Can a felon own a gun in Texas? (2018) 3:17.

School security camera concerns (security layer concerns) (2018) 3:18.

How to Give Baby CPR - First Aid Training - St John Ambulance 3:19.

Don't Mess Texas School Warns Guests Staff Is Armed Teachers Packin' Heat Gun Debate (2014) 3:20.

Florida sheriff: "If you're not afraid of a gun, get one" (2017) 3:21.

TX Castle Doctrine (2017) 3:23.

How to buy guns in Switzerland (2017) 3:23.

What is Pocket Chainsaw? 3:24.

Officials: Clinton e-mails contained info beyond top secret (2016) 3:24.

Home Invasion Gun Fight (Mirror) California Style 3:26.


How to Use a Slide Lock / Slide Release (pistol) 3:27.

GMC HUMMER EV SUV | "Another Revolution" | GMC (car) (2021) 3:30.

chess 960 (Fischer Random) Castle rules (Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) (board game)) 3:30.

How to Practice With Just 50 Rounds of Ammo (pistol) (2019) 3:32.

Barrett M107A1 (Semi-Auto .50 BMG Rifle) (12.7×99mm rifle) (2015) 3:35.

Intervju med forfatter Knut Lindh (2016) 3:36.

Ruger's 10/22 Takedown Heavy Barrel - Heavier for a Reason! (plinking rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (.22LR rifle) 3:37.

Casio G-SHOCK MASTER OF G RANGEMAN GW-9400J-1JF Demonstration (watch) (2013) 3:37.

Singapore Botanic Gardens (Chinese Lunar New Year 2015 at National Orchid Garden) (botanical garden) (vacation) (holiday) 3:38.

How To Sharpen Your Mower Blades 3:38.

Slik skal du kjøre i rundkjøring (car) (2016) 3:39.

Walther PPQ M2 22lr Rapid Fire!!! (.22LR pistol) 3:39.

The Living Daylights (1987) - Intro II (James Bond) (007) 3:39.

Swiss Army Chief Says Arm Yourselves to his Citizens (2016) 3:39.

The Why and How For Credit Freezes (2021) 3:41.

Breakthrough in Clean Hydrogen Production Technology (2016) 3:42.

Quick Look: S&W SW22 Victory Target Model (.22LR single-action only pistol) (2018) 3:44.

Tenerife - El Teide Vulcano 3718 m - From beach to peak (Spain) (vacation) (holiday) (2017) 3:48.

Hydroxychloroquine proving an effective treatment for coronavirus patients aroun (COVID-19) (HCQ) (2020) 3:49.

Protein analysis with human hair (2016) 3:50.

How to safely load and unload your semi-automatic handgun (pistol) 3:51.

Explained - Passive Firing Pin Safety (pistol) 3:53.

THAT GUN IS HUGE! Guns & Concealed Carry (2017) 3:55.

Martial arts master attempts katana world record - Japan Tour (sword) (2017) 3:55.

badminton at home indoors (racket sports) 3:56.

Do These 3 Things EVERY Morning! (2019) 3:57.

REVIEW: The Brand New Rolex Submariner 41mm No-Date ref. 124060 (calibre 3230) (power reserve approximately 70 hours) (watch) (2020) 3:57.

Figure of 8 vs rescue 8 (climbing descender) (rappelling) (abseiling) 3:58.

How To Avoid The Black Widow Scam 3:58.

Beretta Cheetah 87 in 22lr : A great ccw 22lr which also comes in a 380 (.22LR pistol)
(after firing 2000 rounds, have a trigger job and get good groups at 25m?) 3:59.

Facebook denies allegations it suppresses conservative news (2016) 4:03.       Cruz: White House 'in bed' with Facebook, Big Tech over COVID misinformation (2021) 12:01.

Gallery of Guns TV - Taurus 380 IB (.380 AUTO double-action only revolver) 4:03.

2021 Nissan Ariya REVEALED – most important electric SUV yet? | What Car? 4:03.

GLOCK 46 - THE GLOCK 19L WE WANT (G46) (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 4:04.

How Free? - What Makes Home Schooling in Texas Easier? 4:05.

What is the psychology behind Rachel Dolezal's race fraud (2016) 4:07.

Wow New Concept GM SURUS is basically an autonomous, zero emission, off road skateboard (vehicle) (2017) 4:07.

BARRETT 50 CAL IMPOSSIBLE "V-DRILL" with FASTEST shooter, IPSC World Champion Jerry Miculek! M107 M82 (12.7×99mm rifle) 4:07.

DOGO™ : Tactical Combat Robot by General Robotics Ltd. - Full Clip (2016) 4:08.

2020 Audi SQ7 TDI Arrives With Fresh Design (V8 diesel) (car) 4:10.

BMW High Security Vehicles (car) 4:10.

How to Tie Figure 8 Follow-Through Knot | Rock Climbing 4:10.

Ruger® SR22® Tech Tips (.22LR pistol) 4:11.

Hydroxychloroquine May NOT Work Without Taking Zinc (COVID-19) (HCQ) (2020) 4:11.

Kim Wilde You Came (Live) (music) 4:12.

How to Use a Defibrillator (AED) - First Aid Training - St John Ambulance (2016) 4:12.

Don Pellmann, 100, beats 100m world record by 3 seconds (Age group M 100) (100m) (track running) (26.99) (1m48s per 400m) (4m30s per km) (2015) 4:13.

Key Forensic Services - RapidHIT DNA (2017) 4:14.

SHOT SHOW 2020 - GLOCK 44 (G44) (.22LR pistol) 4:15.

Is Gun Ownership a Right? (2017) 4:16.

TOKYO.【成田空港】.POSTE RESTANTE :kyoku-dome(局留) at Narita Airport (travel) 4:17.

How to polish a feed ramp 4:17.

Casio AE-2100W 4AVEF (watch) (2017) 4:17.       Casio AE-3000W World Time Watch (2017) 4:56.

Casio DW-291H - Check out this new "G-Shock Lite." The perfect big, beefy, beater watch! (2020) 7:38.

CASIO G-SHOCK RANGEMAN Promotion Movie ENG (watch) (2018) 4:18.

Sweden goes insane (Jag är inte sjuk (jag är bara svensk)?) (2014) 4:19.

OnGARD OnGUARD Security Door Brace Video Installation Instructions 4:22.

Hicham El Guerrouj 1500m World Record 1998 (track running) (3:26.00) (54.9s per 400m) (2m17s per km) 4:25.

Women's Practical Shooting Revolver National Champion with the S&W 929 | JulieG.TV
(removable compensator OFF) (9x19mm Revolver Capacity: 8   Barrel Length: 6.5" / 16.5 cm) 4:26.

Beretta M9-22. 22 LR Setting a new standard! (standard magazine capacity 15 rounds) (.22LR pistol) (also available M9A1_22) (2016) 4:28.

The ALIEN Pistol - Laugo Arms at SHOT Show 2020 (9x19mm pistol) 4:30.

IPSC World Champion Robert Vogel Police Qual Super Challenge
(Ohio Police qualification course five times the distance in half the time) (pistol) 4:31.

IPSC World Champion Maria Gushchina - Thailand IPSC 30 years Anniversary Championship 2015 (IPSC shooting) (9x19mm pistol) 4:32.

Extreme Euro Open 2019, Prd division (IPSC World Champion Maria Gushchina) (IPSC shooting) (9x19mm pistol) 4:34.

Hello Again! Smith & Wesson's 8-Shot M648 .22 Magnum | Guns & Gear S11 (.22 Magnum revolver) 4:34.

[ENG SUB] How to replace the battery of CASIO TOUGH SOLAR WATCH (W-S220).カシオ・タフソーラー(W-S220)の電池交換! 4:37.

SHOT Show 2020: Lots of Attention Around the New Ruger-57 Pistol (5.7x28mm pistol) (trigger type Secure Action™) (no firing pin block safety) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) 4:39.

We were lied to! Secret document FCO 301048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years (2017) 4:39.

How to Rack the Slide on Your Handgun (pistol) 4:40.

Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy (hardware) (2019) 4:42.

POLICE smoked at 310km/h (192 MPH) by BMW M5 F90 on German Autobahn ✔ (V8 petrol) (car) (2018) 4:44.

AA-12 Full Auto (And Now Semi!) Sol Invictus Arms - SHOT Show 2019 (12 gauge shotgun) 4:44.

How I Doubled My Bookshelf Space (books) (2017) 4:45.

Bond Arms Texan Close-up (barrel: 6" double-barrel, cal.: 45LC/.410) (handgun) (2017) 4:48.

Police Report - 2015-8-29 - Topic: Weekly Issue – Crime Prevention Show Room 4:51.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 Bright blue 126000 2020 Novelty Unboxing Video (36mm) (calibre 3230) (power reserve approximately 70 hours) (watch) 4:57.

Overkill?! Yes, I know! But just think what you can conceal carry (handgun) 4:58.

NITECORE i4000R 4400 Lumen, USB-C Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight (2020) 4:58.

A Day's Work - Short Film 5:00.

Relocating to the suburbs north of Dallas, TX (2020) 5:01.

How to Send Encrypted Email with ProtonMail (2016) 5:07.

DEATH WISH 4-02(1) 5:08.

Episode 1 - Introduction To IPSC Practical Mini Rifle (2021) 5:10.

FAQ #7 Why don't you use the slide release? (pistol) 5:12.

Islam Party wants to transform Belgium (No need to vote for radical socialists?) (2018) 5:14.

Conceal carry of my fullauto Glock 34 (G34) (9x19mm pistol) 5:15.

Digging the fastest well in the world (2021) 5:16.

Strong Hand Only, Weak Hand Only "The Test" Shot With Glock 34 Gen5 (G34) (9x19mm pistol) 5:20.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado - interior Exterior and Drive (car) 5:20.

Here's Why the 2018 Ford Mustang GT is Worth $38,000 (Gen 3 Coyote 5.0-liter engine, 460 horsepower.) (V8 petrol) (car) (2018) 5:20.

How To Adjust Your Car Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spots SAE (car) 5:21.

IWI TAVOR TS12 Hands-On at SHOT Show Range Day 2018 (15+1 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Bullpup Shotgun) (12 gauge shotgun) 5:21.

Beretta 92-series .22LR Replicas (standard magazine capacity 15 rounds) (.22LR pistol) 5:23.

Mission Ridge Range Safety Video 5:23.

2 YEARS OLD - RAPID FIRE!!! (rifle) 5:26.

NAGR presents the Four Rules of Gun Safety 5:27.

Introducing The All-New Taurus® TX22 Rimfire Pistol (Magazine Capacity: 16+1) (.22LR single-action only pistol) (2019) 5:29.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party (2018) 5:32.

How Many Narcissists Are Out There? (psychology) (2021) 5:34.

URGENT: Clinical Trials in New York BEGIN to Put an END to This Crisis (COVID-19) (Mar 25, 2020) 5:37.

Larry Elder Details the Luby Massacre (2016) 5:42.

P320 XFIVE LEGION (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 5:44.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party (2017) 5:49.

Former intel officer on Florida Shooting: Epic failure of FBI
(If you see something, say something, and FBI do something? (Will the FBI move headquarters to Atlanta or Dallas?)) (2018) 5:50.

Introducing the Land Cruiser 300 (Toyota) (car) (2021) 5:51.

Incredible Trump 2020 Campaign Ad 5:52.

Judge hands down death sentence for child rapist, killer Granville Ritchie (2020) 5:54.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN STILL ALIVE... WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM!!!! TOTAL COVER-UP! (alternate ending?) (alternative ending?) (2019) 5:55.

Federal FliteControl Buckshot. Cranking it up a few notches!!! (2018) (12 gauge shotgun) 5:57.

Paramedic Mountain Response! (2020) 5:57.

Continuous Chest Compression CPR-University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center 5:59.

The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice (Boeing 737 Max) (Boeing 737-8200) (fraud) (2019) 5:59.

We Can't Afford to Wait on the Attack (4 A's of Survival (Awareness, Avoidance, Arm, Attack)) (2017) 6:00.

Installing automatic rising bollards to the entrance of a domestic driveway (2016) 6:00.

I Put a Black Wallpaper on My Phone, And It Was the Right Decision (smartphone) (2020) 6:02.

Benelli M1014 Military only 12 gauge tactical shotgun with collapsible stock! (4K) (12 gauge shotgun) (2016) 6:05.

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - NumbersUSA.com 6:07.

EldonCard Vid (2009) 6:10.

Most Expensive Volvo SUV: $570.000 - Volvo XC90 review by euromandriver (car) (2019) 6:11.

Judge Jeanine: You Republicans have screwed up royally
(Crime matters: U.S. citizens who oppose a border wall will not obtain security clearances?
  U.S. citizens who have a security clearance and oppose a border wall will have their security clearance revoked?) (2018) 6:14.

7 Foxtrot Texas Concealed Handgun License Course - Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire (2015) 6:25.

Glock 18 full auto (G18) (9x19mm pistol) (2019) 6:30.


Beeman P3 - Weihrauch HW40 Air Pistol 6:34.


Repairing The Ruger Mark 4 Loose Barrel (.22LR single-action only pistol) (2018) 6:36.

Shooting the FBI qualification (handgun) (2017) 6:38.

Giuliani: FBI decision 'special exception for the Clintons' (obstruction of justice speech)
(What is Obama doing (Obama has a law degree from Harvard)?) (2016) 6:29.

Learn the Phonetic Alphabet (2017) 6:49.

XShear Review⎮Raptor Killer⎮ (shears) (scissors) 6:51.

A Fake Passport That Works...(sort of) (2019) 6:52.

Smart Pepper Spray For Self Defense // SHOT Show 2019 6:54.

Dragon Custom AR's are Back in Stock! (Modern Sporting Rifles) (MSR) 6:56.

Tommy Yau @ IPSC Action Air World Shoot I 2018, Hong Kong (IPSC shooting) (airsoft pistol) (2018) 7:00.

Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification (handgun) (2016) 7:00.

IPSC World Champion Teemu Rintala at the 2017 IPSC World Rifle Shoot (IPSC shooting) (Modern Sporting Rifle) (MSR) (5.56x45mm rifle) 7:08.

True RMS (TRMS) vs Averaging Multimeters (2017) 7:08.

AirBadminton REVIEW - Can Badminton Finally Be Played Outdoors?! (racket sports) (2020) 7:12.

How to Use a Compass || REI (2016) 7:15.

Simple Steps to Safer Pools 7:16.

IPSC World Champion Robert Vogel on Grip (pistol) 7:20.

Librem 5 Visual Walkthrough (a phone equipped with kill switches) (a user-replaceable battery) (smartphone) (2020) 7:23.

Everyday Carry (EDC) Update!! (Links below in description) (2018) 7:27.

Best 7 minutes on gun control I have ever seen!? (2013) 7:31.

Beretta 1301 Comp PRO - Review (12 gauge shotgun) (2019) 7:33.

Singapore's Mandatory Death Penalty on Drug Trafficking (2013) 7:36.

SHOT SHOW 2020 - Laugo Arms Alien Pistol (9x19mm pistol) 7:40.

Obama Is DOOMED When Americans Find Out His Long Kept, Dirty Secret (2019) 7:44.

How to play Chinese Chess (1of2) (Xiangqi (board game)) 7:47.

How to play Chinese Chess (2of2) (Xiangqi (board game)) 8:04.

RUGER LCR 9mm (9x19mm revolver) 7:48.

Glock 26 Always Relevant (G26) (9x19mm pistol) (2015) 7:51.

8 MINUTE DAILY STRETCH ROUTINE with CHLOE BRUCE | ultimate follow along daily stretch routine (physical training) (physical exercise) 7:52.

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19
(Interview with Dr. Raoult on HCQ + AZ in treatment of COVID-19) (2020) 7:53.

The Dräger DrugTest® 5000: Overview (2014) 7:54.

The Desert Tech MDRX by Coldboremiracle (MDR Gen2) (bullpup rifle) (Modern Sporting Rifle) (MSR) (2020) 7:57.

Glock 42 Feed Issues - Fixed! (G42) (.380 AUTO pistol) (the world's smallest Glock) (2014) 8:00.

RUGER LCRX First Impressions! (.22LR revolver) (2017) 8:00.


Driving in City Areas of Texas - SIPDE - 6 Hour Online Adult Driving Ed School Course (Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) 8:24.

G-Shock Atomic GW6900- 1 The Ultimate Non Smart Watch Gym Watch? (Casio) 8:26.
G-Shock GWM5610-1 Versus GW6900-1: What's the difference? (Also DW5600E-1V versus DW6900-1) (2020).

Introduction to Shooting Range Safety and Etiquette | Firearm Safety (2018) 8:29.

Ruger Hunter and Target MK4 Pistols - Stainless steel (.22LR single-action only pistol) 8:41.
(All Ruger® Mark IV™ pistols produced prior to June 1, 2017 are being recalled.)

How To Beat Auto Theft Charges! A Former Prosecutor Explains! (Texas) (2021) 8:42.

Golf Ball Challenge - How good of a shot are you? 8:47.

Top 10 Deadliest Street Drugs (2015) 8:49.

Top Doc Says “Dr Fauci has Failed”, 3043 (2020) 9:00.

IPSC World Champion Josh Froelich - 2018 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot (IPSC shooting) 9:00.

6 eBay Executives And Employees Charged With Threatening Natick Couple (PSYOP) (psycho operations) (2020) 9:01.


DAA Alpha-X Holster - Detailed Review (handgun) 9:18.

Defend yourself in this digital world. No one else will do it for you. | Arjen Kamphuis | TEDxDelft (2018) 9:25.

MMA Fighters try Women's Self-Defense techniques (2017) 9:29.

Still Report #875 - Donald Trump - Why Borrow When We Can Print? Economic Deficient Solution (How to avoid the Federal Reserve scam?) (2016) 9:31.

107 Hogs Down | Hog Hunting with Thermal Night Vision in Texas | Zeus Pro 640 (SIG716 308 AR-10 (modern farm rifle (semi-automatic rifle))) (modern hunting rifle) (7.62x51mm rifle) 9:33.

The new S&W M&P 15 22lr pistol!! (2021) 9:38.

Rudisha Breaks World Record - Men's 800m Final | London 2012 Olympics (track running) (1:40.91) (50.5s per 400m) (2m6s per km) 9:38.

60 Minutes CBS, Szymoniak: "In my mind this is an absolute, intentional fraud." (2012) 9:44.

CMMG 22lr conversion. Are they accurate? You bet! (plinking rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (.22LR rifle) 9:55.

ORSIS 2015 - English version (ORSIS rifles, ORSIS T-5000 M rifle) (effective range up to 1500m (2015)) (8.58x70mm rifle) 10:00.


Marina Bay Sands - Infinity Pool (Singapore) (vacation) (holiday) 10:02.

Did the Clintons Commit Murder? (true crime) (2016) 10:05.

Where is the 8th BUTTON? - Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse (with Razer Optical Mouse Switches)
(save and store up to 5 profile configurations to the on-board memory (mouse)) (hardware) (2020) 10:08.


How to fix Mouse Double Click (hardware) (2018) 10:15.

Bondi Beach Monkey Bar Workout! 10:27.

How to quickly draw out of a tactical holster with world record shooter, Jerry Miculek (60FPS) (pistol) (2015) 10:31.

Dr Didier Raoult : Reassuring results and talk about Hydro Chloroquine Treatment (COVID-19) (HCQ) (English subtitles) (2020) 10:34.

Glock 34 MOS FS Gen 5 Review | Bigger Is Better | Real Glock Perfection (G34) (9x19mm pistol) 10:35.

10 Shocking Results from DNA Ancestry Tests (2018) 10:37.

Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 -- nobody needed to die (2020) 10:40.

Divorce Lawyer Blows Whistle on Women & Paternity Fraud (Highlight) (2021) 10:42.

Walther 5" PPQ 22 Tabletop Review and Field Strip (.22LR pistol) 11:00.

"Why would an ordinary person wish to carry a gun?" - Dr. Diana Hsieh (2011) 11:00.

Learn to Play Chess960 (Fischer Random) (Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) (board game)) 11:06.

James May properly drives his new car for the first time (2021) 11:08.

How Striker Fired Actions Work Part 5: Glock 19 (All Glock pistols are striker fired.) (9x19mm pistol) (2018) 11:11.

IONIQ 5 Global Reveal | Hyundai (car) (2021) 11:17.

IPSC World Champion Jorge Ballesteros WORLD SHOOT XVIII (IPSC shooting) (pistol) (2017) 11:21.

The 5 core elements of the dark personality (psychology) (2021) 11:41.      
Findings suggest that five specific factors labeled Callousness, Deceitfulness, Narcissistic Entitlement, Sadism, and Vindictiveness
best describe the themes of D (the Dark Factor of Personality) (psychology) (2021).

Mercedes G-Class (2019) The World's Best Off-Road SUV? (car) 11:44.       Explore our new all-electric Concept EQG (car) (2021) 14:33.

Figure Eight Bend Flemish Bend Figure of Eight Bend (with Safety Tie Off's Using Fishermans Bend) 11:56.

Tips on gun safety and shooting range etiquette 11:57.

Gun Safety 11:58.

Traditional Sami knife handmade in Norway (review) (KS8F Strømeng Same knife 8" with finger protection (the Norwegian Army Ranger Knife)) (2013) 11:59.

SIDERLOCK Installation in Glock pistol 12:31.

CZ P09 in Spanish Review (.22LR pistol) 12:33.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things' (2013) 12:34.

Alien Handgun review and test (9x19mm pistol) (2020) 13:05.

Bill Binney – Obama Knew About Trump Spying, 2241 (2018) 13:08.

Vorn Defence - Backpacks für Jäger, Behörden und Sniper - IWA 2019 13:12.

Dealing With Trespassers While Building Our House (2019) 13:16.

Leatherman SURGE : Eleven Saws & One File - The Extraordinary Toolbox ! (2018) 13:29.

I drove 1800 miles in a Hydrogen Car (2021) 13:34.

6 ways to rig a 4x4 winch using 2 snatch blocks (2020) 13:36.

Baikal MP-53M 4,5mm Diabolo - Review und Schusstest (air pistol 5 shots 10m) 14:00.

30 Ways to SPOT a FAKE CASIO F-91W WATCH (2020) 14:30.

2020 Volkswagen Touareg R-Line V8 REVIEW One Million SE - Autogefuel (V8 diesel) (car) (2020) 14:39.

CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical 9mm Pistol (9x19mm pistol) (2012) 14:44.       CZ 75 SP01 Tactical Gun Review (9x19mm pistol) (2021) 20:55.

Can Dual Citizenship Save You From Socialism? (2020) 15:03.

Summer Off Duty Everyday Carry |EDC| (2019) 15:29.

Republicans Announce They're Going After Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI For Crimes (2018) 15:56.

Are Chinese Women Heartless? (2018) 15:57.

EEMANN TECH ULTIMATE TRIGGER FOR CZ (44-130084). New tools by Eemann Tech. (pistol) (2021) 15:58.

Cost of Living in Texas (2019) 16:28.

Manta Ecuador Affordable Luxury Condos FOR SALE (2021) 16:49.       Condos for RENT in Manta Ecuador on the Beach (2021) 14:52.

The KING G-Shock GXW-56 - module 3220 - tutorial on how to setup and use ALL the functions (Casio) (watch) (2019) 16:50.

5000M WORLD RECORD!!! (12:35.36) (Joshua Cheptegei) (track running) 17:10.

EDC Update 2020 17:12.

Worlds First 50cal rated body Armor (2020) 17:41.

20 Minute Advance FLEXY FLOW stretch routine | FOLLOW ALONG Stretch with Chloe Bruce (physical training) (physical exercise) 18:22.

Exclusive: Edward Snowden’s guardian angels (2019) 18:36.

DEAD SEA, Hamei Zohar Beach (Israel) (vacation) (holiday) (2020) 19:00.

Installing SRT into a SIG P226 (9x19mm pistol) 19:44.

12 Clinton Whistleblowers Found 'Hanging From Doorknobs' (true crime) (2018) 20:13.

Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL (2020) 20:40.

US Marine Takes On the US Navy Seal Physical Test (2019) 20:50.       I took the US Navy Seals Fitness Test (2020) 19:55.

Special report: (Obama's FBI?) FBI recommends no charges in Clinton email probe (obstruction of justice speech)
(FBI: Opinions are irrelevant, only facts matter (and Obama cover-up (Obama was reckless, Obama will not testify))?) (2016) 21:04.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5 TD. Excalibur. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour. (V8 diesel) (car) 21:24.

The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version) (2013) 21:25.

Glock G44 22 LR Pistol Full Review Revised (Glock 44) (.22LR pistol) (2019) 21:28.

How to get Mail? Domicile, Residency, & Mail for Full Time RVers (travel) (2019) 21:45.


2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime - POV First Impressions (PHEV) (car) 22:48.

Peter Ørebech om ACER-saken (Erna Solberg er ikke kvalifisert til å være Norges statsminister? (Grunnleggende nasjonale interesser.)) (2018) 23:22.

🔥 NOVEMBER 13, 2021 EXCLUSIVE! 3 BOMBS DROPPED at Health and Freedom Dr. Judy Mikovits Mikki Willis 24:33.

Ferro Rod Techniques from a Green Beret | Gray Bearded Green Beret (2021) 25:15.

CLINTON BODY COUNT (true crime) (2019) 27:28.

Total full Body Stretch routine | Daily 30 minute stretch with Chloe Bruce (physical training) (physical exercise) 28:16.

Madrid Walking Tour 🇪🇸 Walking in Madrid (Virtual Walk) - Madrid Travel Guide (Spain) (vacation) (holiday) (2020) 29:28.

100 Civics Questions and Answers with MP3 Audio (English version) 30:36.

Inside Epstein Island Temple - Underground Complex, Ritual Room? Slave Room? Bedrooms? (Re-Upload) (Epstein Body Count) (true crime) (2019) 32:05.

F-150 Lightning Live Reveal | F-150 | Ford (car) (2021) 33:55.

THE CLINTON BODY COUNT part 1: "Mena" (true crime) (2019) 33:56.

MIT PhD Lawsuit FIRST to Uncover U.S. Government Censorship SYSTEM to Silence Speech (2021) 34:04.

Beretta 1301 User Guide: Routine Maintenance - Strip, Clean, Assemble (2021) 35:38.       Beretta 1301 User Guide: How it works, Loading & Unloading (Part 2) (2021) 12:19..

10K WORLD RECORD: JOSHUA CHEPTEGEI 26:11 [FULL RACE] (track running) (10000m) 36:51.

January 21st, 2017, 808 push-ups done by Mia (physical training) (physical exercise) 36:53.

The Press Conference CENSORED by the Media That EVERY AMERICAN MUST SEE (2020) 37:30.

My Online Nightmare - 01x02 - Romance & Deception (crime) 46:37.

【4K】WALK Brickell MIAMI walking tour Florida documentary (USA) (2019) 47:35.

Anonymous - Chasing Edward Snowden Full Documentary (2016) 57:59.

Carl Goldberg: The "Logic" of Islam ("Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them" (Quran 2:191).) (books) (2017) 1:36:36.

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER ✪ Classic Documentary Channel 1:47:56.


Franklin Scandal Expert On Epstein, Barr, Maxwell... Nick Bryant
(The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has over 100000 employees.) (2020) 1:58:43.

P&S ModCast 79 - IPSC World Champion Robert Vogel (pistol) 2:16:39.

Free Web Proxy.

Is It Down Right Now ? (Isitdownrightnow.com helps you find whether the website you are trying to browse is down or not.)

Ookla Speedtest (How fast is your Internet connection?).

Web Page Speed Test.

47 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers.

17 Shift Key Shortcuts You Should Remember in Windows.
(18 Windows key + Shift + left or right arrow (switch programs or windows between screens or monitors)).

Typefaster for Windows (software)
(Layouts enabled: Numeric-Keypad, US-English, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, French-Belgian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, UK-English, US-Dvorak).

Video DownloadHelper (Browser extension to download videos from the Web.) (software).

ProtonMail (Secure Email Based in Switzerland).

Signal Private Messenger (software).

Signal for Android Guide (software).

The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is a free replacement for PGP (software).

Comparison of webmail providers.

Why Chess960? (Fischer Random Chess) (Fischerrandom) (Fischer chess) (Fischerchess) (chess) (board game).

Fischer Random Chess, also known as Chess960 (board game).

Fischer Random Chess on Twitter (Chess960) (board game).

Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) (board game).

Fischerandom Chess Generator (Fischer Random Chess Generator) (Chess960) (board game).

Chess960 starting positions with their corresponding ID numbers (Fischer Random Chess) (board game).

World Xiangqi Federation (WXF) (Chinese chess (board game)).

International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).

International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).


2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot II (Region: Sweden., City: Karlskoga.).       (results).

2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XIX (Region: Thailand., City: Pattaya., November 25 - December 4 , 2022.).

2022 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot IV (Thailand).

2022 IPSC Action Air World Shoot II (Russia).

2022 IPSC PCC World Shoot I (Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida).

2022 IPSC Mini Rifle World Shoot I (Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida).

IPSC results.

IPSC shooters rating.

Practiscore (shooting).

14 Things Everyone Should Understand About Guns.

Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality, By Sarah Thompson, M.D.

The European Union (EU) hits what she aims for...

Glock Safe Action (always safe and always ready) (pistol).

Swim Safety.

Swimming - KidsHealth.

Simple Water Safety Steps Can Save Lives.

Eddie Eagle (safety program developed by the National Rifle Association for children)
(Stop - Don't touch - Run away - Tell an adult).

Gun safety rules.

Gun safety rules.

NRA Gun Safety Rules.

Firearm Safety Rules.

10 commandments of firearm safety.

The Seven Firearms Safety Rules.

Gun safety.

Personal protective equipment (PPE).

Cheerleading most dangerous sport for females (2013).

100m (track running).

200m (track running).

400m (track running).

800m (track running).

1500m (track running).

5000m (track running).

10000m (track running).

Running in Richmond Park, London.

Trail Run Project | Running Trail Maps.

List of racket sports.

Table tennis (racket sports).

World Xiangqi Championship (board game).

Wesley So is the first Fischer Random World Champion (Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) (board game)) (2019).

FIDE World Champion Magnus Carlsen (classical chess (board game)).       Live chess analysis (board game).

Genealogical DNA test.

Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart.

A new role for hair in human identification (2015).

What is Rapid DNA?

RapidHIT® System.

New technology can detect fake fingerprints (3D fingerprints) (Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)) (2016).

Better Bow Knot (shoelaces knot).

WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.

Nuremberg Code.

Composition of the human body.

Travel advice (WHO).

Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).


Yunnan Baiyao.

NASA Clean Air Study.

Dragonflies: Mother Nature's mosquito control.

Hydrogen storage.

Hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Member states of NATO (NATO territory).

The True Size of Africa.

List of countries and dependencies by area. (Example: 1. Russia, 2. Canada, 3. China, 4. United States, 5. Brazil (2018).)

List of languages by number of native speakers. (Example: 1. Chinese, 2. Spanish, 3. English, 4. Hindi, 5. Bengali (2019).)

List of countries and dependencies by population. (Example: 1. China, 2. India, 3. United States, 4. Indonesia, 5. Pakistan (2019).)

List of countries and territories by population density.
(Example: Saudi Arabia Density 16 (pop./km²) (2017).) (Example: Syria Density 99 (pop./km²) (2017).) (Example: Bangladesh Density 1137 (pop./km²) (2017).)

Islam by country. (Example: France Muslim percentage (%) of total population 7.5 (2016).) (Example: United Kingdom Muslim percentage (%) of total population 4.8 (2016).)

Catholic Church by country. (Example: France Catholic percentage (%) of total population 63–66 (2016).)

Estimated number of civilian guns per capita by country.
(Example: Canada 34.7 Civilian-held firearms per 100 population (2017).) (Example: Iceland 31.7 Civilian-held firearms per 100 population (2017).)
(Example: France 19.6 Civilian-held firearms per 100 population (2017).) (Example: Mexico 12.9 Civilian-held firearms per 100 population (2017).)

List of cities by murder rate (crime rate).
(Example: Caracas 111.19 homicides per 100000 (2017).) (Example: Tijuana 100.77 homicides per 100000 (2017).) (Example: Cape Town 62.25 homicides per 100000 (2017).)

Crime Index for Country (Crime rate by country.).

Crime Index for city (Crime rate by city.).

List of cities by international visitors (Example: 1. Hong Kong, 2. Bangkok, 3. London, 4. Macau, 5. Singapore (arrivals 2018 Euromonitor).)

World Tourism rankings. (Example: 1. France, 2. Spain, 3. United States, 4. China, 5. Italy (international tourist arrivals) (2018).)

Big Mac index.

US Debt Clock.org.

VISA Exchange Rate Calculator.

List of countries by GDP (nominal). (Example: 1. United States, 2. China, 3. Japan, 4. Germany, 5. India (2019).)

List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita. (Example: 1. Monaco, 1. Liechtenstein, 3. Luxembourg, 4. Bermuda, 5. Macau, 5. Switzerland (2017).)

Double click mouse test page
(Do you need a new mouse?) (hardware).

Intel® Core™ i9-12900K (CPU) (hardware) (Launch Date Q4'21) (2021).

AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HS (CMOS: TSMC 7nm FinFET (a lower number is better)) (Default TDP / TDP: 35W) (CPU) (hardware) (2021).      
(Example: Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503 (A laptop with a RJ45 LAN port.) (hardware) (2021).)

AMD Ryzen™ 9 4900HS (CMOS: TSMC 7nm FinFET (a lower number is better)) (Default TDP / TDP: 35W) (CPU) (hardware) (2020).      
(Example: Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 GA502 (A laptop with a RJ45 LAN port.) (hardware) (2020).)

AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X (CMOS: TSMC 7nm FinFET (a lower number is better)) (Default TDP / TDP: 105W) (CPU) (hardware) (2020).

CPU Benchmarks (hardware)    Desktop       Laptop.

CPU Benchmarks (hardware).

GPU Benchmarks (hardware).

GPU Benchmarks (hardware).

Hydrogen vehicle.

Fuel cell vehicle.

Honda Clarity (hydrogen) (car).

Toyota Mirai (hydrogen) (car).

Hyundai Nexo (hydrogen) (car).

Solid-state battery.

Electric vehicle battery.

Combined Charging System (CCS) (vehicle) (car).

Toyota RAV4 Prime (PHEV) (car).

GMC Hummer EV (car).

Tesla Cybertruck (16 inches (40 cm) of ground clearance is provided) (car).

Kia Media (car).

Hyundai in Europe (car).

Toyota (car).

Toyota in Europe (car).

Tire size comparison the easy way (car).

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN codes)/Model year (car).

XieXie (xiangqi (Chinese chess (board game)) program) (software).

AlphaZero is a computer program (board game) (software).

Download - Stockfish - Open Source Chess (board game) Engine (software).

Komodo chess (board game) engine (software).

Create Windows 10 installation media (USB flash drive or DVD)
(you can use media to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows 10, or more) (software).

FreeFiles 365 (Download Latest Software Offline Installer.).

Ubuntu downloads (software).

LibreOffice (software).

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program (software).

GNU Emacs (software).

Notepad++ (software).

Notepad++ Compare plugin (software).

7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio (software).

(The World's Largest Web Developer Site?)
programming,development,training,learning,quiz,primer,lessons,reference,examples,source code,colors,demos,tips,w3c)

Python       Anaconda       SciPy       NumPy     (software) (programming).

GeoGebra (mathematics software).

The TeX Users Group (TUG).

14283 symbols and the corresponding LATEX commands that produce them.

Digital self-defense.

Cat B40 (phone) (4G LTE feature phone) (not a smartphone).

Nokia 225 (phone) (4G LTE feature phone) (not a smartphone) (removable battery).

Battery life test results (phone) (smartphone).

Voice over LTE (VoLTE).       5G Voice over New Radio (VoNR).

5G vs 6G | Difference between 5G and 6G (wireless) (hardware).

Razer Viper Mini (mouse) (hardware) (MSRP $39.99 (2020)).

Bowley lock company inc. (cylinder lock) (padlock) (locks).

Kaba star cross master key system (cylinder lock) (padlock) (locks).

Grand Seiko (watch).

IWC Portofino Automatic 34 (IW357404) (watch).

ETA SA PreciDrive™ (watch).

Global launch of Longines Conquest V.H.P.: a new milestone for quartz technology (watch) (2017).

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 36.       Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 41.       Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36.

Citizen (watch).

OMEGA (watch).       007 edition.

Multi Band 6 - Technology - Watch Technologies | CASIO.

Casio watches.

Casio watches.

Casio - G-Shock (watch).

Casio STW-1000-8JH .       Casio MW600E-2AV .       Casio GW-S5600U-1JF .       Casio GW-M5610U-1JF .       Casio DW-291H-1AJF .       Casio W-S220-9AJH .

Casio Timepieces (Watches) Watch Manual Archives.       Module No. 3484       Module No. 3271       Module No. 3495       Module No. 3272.

List of battery sizes.

Nitecore       NITECORE i4000R 4400 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight (2020).

TrineDay is a publishing house that arose as a response to the consistent refusal of the corporate press to publish more repressed titles (books).

Book Depository (Free Delivery Worldwide) (books).

Amazon (books).

REGUPOL (Innovative solutions for sports, acoustics, load securing and building protection).

Mondo (Running & Multisport).


Gurkhas Standard Issue (knife).

Pardini Olympic medals (firearm).

Steyr evo 10 E (air pistol with electronic trigger).

Steyr evo 10 (air pistol with mechanical trigger).

Minute of Angle (MOA) • NSSF.

MOA (Minute of Angle) calculator.

Ballistics By The Inch (BBTI) (ammunition).

Squib load (ammunition).

FN 5.7×28mm (ammunition).

5.56×45mm NATO (ammunition).

7.62×51mm NATO (ammunition).

Pistols currently approved for IPSC Production Division.
(The minimum trigger pull must either be 2.27kg (5lbs.) for the first shot fired and no restriction for subsequent shots fired,
  or 1.36kg (3lbs.) for every shot fired (IPSC Handgun Rules, IPSC Production Division, January 2019 Edition)).

AK TR3 5,45 (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.45x39 rifle) (a civilian version of the AK-12) (a Russian-made Kalashnikov).

AK TR4 5,56 (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.56x45 rifle) (a civilian version of the AK-19) (a Russian-made Kalashnikov).

Tavor X95 (bullpup rifle) (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.56x45mm rifle).

Stag Arms (Modern Sporting Rifles) (MSR) (modern hunting rifles) (modern farm rifles (semi-automatic rifles)).

Complete Dragon Fire AR Build w/ "Heavy Barrel" & Complete Lower (Modern Sporting Rifle) (MSR) (MSRP $895.00 (2020)).       (DRAGON FIRE RIFLES!)

Sig Sauer SIG716G2 DMR (SIG716 DMR Gen2) (Designated Marksman Rifle) (7.62×51mm rifle) (modern hunting rifle) (modern farm rifle (semi-automatic rifle)).

CZ 512 TACTICAL (.22 Magnum rifle).

RUGER® 10/22® Autoloading Rifles (.22LR rifle) (MSRP from $309.00 (2019)).

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro (12 gauge shotgun) (Magazine Capacity: 10+1).

Noreen Firearms Bad News (Gen2) (Modern Ultra Long Range Rifle) (.338 Lapua Magnum rifle) (8.58x70mm rifle) (Modern Hunting Rifle).

Bul Armory SAS II BULLESTEROS (single-action only pistol) (5.7 inch Compensated Barrel) (Magazine Capacity: 30+1).

Sig Sauer P226 NXT P229 NXT (pistol) (decocker) (trigger type DA/SA) (2020).

B&T semi-automatic carbine APC9 PRO G, Cal. 9x19mm pistol (uses Glock 9mm double-column magazines) (a pistol with a nonreciprocating charging handle).

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol (9x19mm pistol) (a pistol with a nonreciprocating charging handle) (Barrel Length: 196mm / 7.72 inch) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) (MSRP $849.00 (2018)).

CZ P-09 KADET (.22LR pistol) (decocker) (trigger type DA/SA).

CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical (9x19mm pistol) (decocker) (trigger type DA/SA) (Magazine Capacity: 18+1) (MSRP $680.00 (2018)).

CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical Custom (9x19mm pistol) (decocker) (trigger type DA/SA) (Magazine Capacity: 18+1) (MSRP $915.95 (2019)).

Sig Sauer P226 X FIVE ALLROUND (9x19mm pistol) (decocker) (trigger type DA/SA) (Barrel Length: 127mm / 5 inch) (optics version available).

Sig Sauer P320 XFIVE Legion (P320X5 Legion) (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 17+1) (5" Bull Barrel) (optics-ready).

Sig Sauer P320MAX (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 21+1) (5" Match Grade Bull Barrel) (Barrel Length: 127mm / 5 inch) (Sights: ROMEO3 MAX 6MOA) (optics only).

Sig Sauer P226 LDC II TACOPS (long dust cover) (9x19mm pistol) (decocker) (trigger type DA/SA).

IWI Tavor 7 (Barrel Length 16.5" Overall Length 26.75") (Tavor Gen3) (Tavor X95 Gen2) (bullpup rifle) (modern farm rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (modern hunting rifle) (7.62x51mm rifle) (MSRP $2,099.00 (2020)).

IWI Tavor TS12 12 gauge shotgun (Magazine Capacity: 15+1) (bullpup shotgun) (MSRP $1,399.00 (2020)).

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun (Magazine Capacity: 7+1) (12 gauge shotgun).

STEYR AUG A3 M1 (bullpup rifle) (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.56x45mm rifle) (A NATO version that accepts standard STANAG (AR) magazines is available.).

STEYR AUG Z (bullpup rifle) (modern sporting rifle (semi-automatic rifle)) (MSR) (5.56x45mm rifle).

RUGER® PC CARBINE™ (9x19mm rifle) (An additional magazine well accepting glock magazines is included.) (MSRP from $649.00 (2019)).

CZ P-10 SC (CZP10SC) (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (size 132mmx32mmx203mm).

FN Five-seveN® MK2 (5.7x28mm single-action only pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1).

FN P90® (5.7x28mm PDW (Personal Defense Weapon)).

FN PS90® Standard (5.7x28mm rifle).

Beretta 1301 Bolt Shroud Kit (Beretta 1301 Gen1 shell dump malfunction fix) (12 gauge shotgun)
(2018 Problem solved in Beretta 1301 Gen2, new and improved bolt release eliminating the chance of a double feed, serial number moved to just above the safety.).

Beretta 1301 Tactical Marine Gen2 (12 gauge shotgun).

Kalashnikov Saiga 340 (sporting shotgun).

Kalashnikov KS-12T Tactical Shotgun (12 gauge shotgun) (MSRP $795.00 (2020)).

Orsis T-5000 (bolt-action sniper rifle) (8.58x70mm rifle).

LOBAEV Arms (bolt-action sniper rifles).

Nordic Components 22RB Dedicated 22 Upper (converts your AR-15 rifle compatible system to a dedicated .22LR rifle).

JP Enterprises JP-22R (JP rifle with Nordic Components 22RB Dedicated 22 Upper) (.22LR rifle).

Tested: Ruger-57 Pistol (Ruger57) (5.7x28mm pistol) (trigger type Secure Action™) (no firing pin block safety) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) (2019).

RUGER-57™ (Ruger57) (5.7x28mm pistol) (trigger type Secure Action™) (no firing pin block safety) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1) (MSRP $799.00 (2020)).

RPC Fort Fort-28 (5.7x28mm pistol) (striker fired pistol) (size 135mmx33mmx202mm) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1).

Glock 57 (G57) (5.7x28mm pistol) (2023?).

German State Police Adopt NEW Glock 46 (G46) (9x19mm pistol) (2019).

Glock 28 (G28) (.380 AUTO pistol) (Barrel Length: 87mm / 3.43 inch).

Glock 25 (G25) (.380 AUTO pistol) (Barrel Length: 102mm / 4.02 inch).

Glock 44 (G44) (.22LR pistol) (Barrel Length: 102mm / 4.02 inch) (MSRP $430.00 (2020)) (The G44 is also available as threaded barrel version.).

Glock 17L Gen5 MOS (G17L) (Modular Optic System) (front serrations) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 153mm / 6.02 inch)
(The magazine release is not truly ambidextrous (only reversible magazine catch) (Will Glock Gen6 be truly ambidextrous?)).

Glock 26 Gen5 MOS (G26) (Modular Optic System) (front serrations) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 87mm / 3.43 inch)
(Glock 26 Gen5 lacks a flared magwell (2018).) (Glock is under contract to deliver Glock 26 with flared magwell for faster magazine changes by 2021)
(The magazine release is not truly ambidextrous (only reversible magazine catch) (Will Glock Gen6 be truly ambidextrous?)).

Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS (G34) (Modular Optic System) (front serrations) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 135mm / 5.31 inch)
(The magazine release is not truly ambidextrous (only reversible magazine catch) (Will Glock Gen6 be truly ambidextrous?)).

Glock 42 (G42) (.380 AUTO pistol) (Barrel Length: 82.5mm / 3.25 inch)
(The magazine release is not truly ambidextrous (only reversible magazine catch) (Will Glock Gen6 be truly ambidextrous?)).

Glock 19 Gen5 MOS FS (G19) (Modular Optic System) (front serrations) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 102mm / 4.02 inch)
(The magazine release is not truly ambidextrous (only reversible magazine catch) (Will Glock Gen6 be truly ambidextrous?)).

Glock 17 Gen5 MOS FS (G17) (Modular Optic System) (front serrations) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 114mm / 4.49 inch)
(The magazine release is not truly ambidextrous (only reversible magazine catch) (Will Glock Gen6 be truly ambidextrous?)).

Glock 18 (G18) (9x19mm pistol) (selector switch semi-automatic or full-automatic firing mode) (Barrel Length: 114mm / 4.49 inch).

Glock 18c (G18c) (9x19mm pistol) (selector switch semi-automatic or full-automatic firing mode) (built-in compensator) (Barrel Length: 114mm / 4.49 inch).

PLK 9mm Compact Lebedev Pistol (9x19mm pistol) (7N21 pistol) (Barrel Length: 92mm / 3.62 inch) (a fully ambidextrous pistol) (a truly ambidextrous pistol) (two mag releases) (two safety levers) (two slide releases).

Beretta 92X RDO Full Size (with a red-dot optic ready slide) (9x19mm pistol) (trigger type DA/SA) (Magazine Capacity: 17+1) (92X RDO GR (safety Decock Only)) (MSRP $699.00 (2021)).

Beretta M9A1_22LR (.22LR pistol) (MSRP $450.00 (2020)).

Walther PPQ M2 5" 12 rounds .22 l.r. (.22LR pistol).

TaurusTX22® (TX22) (.22LR single-action striker fired pistol) ((Magazine Capacity: 16+1) (MSRP $316.76 (2021)).

Majestic Arms®"Bank Vault" Locking Block (Upgrade Parts for Ruger MK IV™) (.22LR single-action only pistol).

Installation of Majestic Arms®"Bank Vault" Locking Block (Upgrade Parts for Ruger MK IV™) (.22LR single-action only pistol).

Ruger® Mark IV™ recall (.22LR single-action only pistol).

Ruger® Mark IV™ (Barrel Style Threaded Bull) (.22LR single-action only pistol)) (upgrade skateboard grip tape front and back?).

Ruger® Mark IV™ Black Grips (.22LR single-action only pistol).

Ruger® Mark IV™ Bull Barrel (.22LR single-action only pistol) (upgrade skateboard grip tape front and back?).

Ruger® SR22® (.22LR pistol) (Bull Barrel Length: 114mm / 4.50 inch).

Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY® (.22LR single-action only pistol) (Bull Barrel Length: 140mm / 5.5 inch).

Hämmerli x-esse IPSC SF (.22LR single-action only pistol) (Barrel Length: 150mm / 5.91 inch).

Beretta 87 Target (.22LR single-action only pistol) (Barrel Length: 150mm / 5.9 inch).

Armscor XT 22 Magnum Pro 22MAG 14rd (.22 Magnum pistol).

North American Arms Ranger II (.22 Magnum revolver) (single-action only revolver) (Break Open Cylinder) (Barrel Length: 102mm / 4.0 inch) (Weight 230g / 8.1oz.)

RUGER® LCRx® (.22LR revolver) (Barrel Length: 76mm / 3 inch) (MSRP $579.00 (2018)).

Smith & Wesson® PERFORMANCE CENTER® Model 929. (M929) (9x19mm revolver) (Barrel Length: 165mm / 6.5 inch) (MSRP $1,209.00 (2020)).

NEW MODEL SINGLE-SIX® CONVERTIBLE (.22 Magnum revolver) (single-action only revolver) (Barrel Length: 241mm / 9.50 inch) (MSRP $629.00 (2020)).

Smith & Wesson® Model 648 (M648) (.22 Magnum revolver) (Barrel Length: 152mm / 6 inch) (MSRP $752.00 (2020)).

Sig Sauer P220 X-SIX II PPC (single-action only pistol) (Barrel Length: 152.4mm / 6.00 inch).

Sig Sauer P226 X SIX SUPERMATCH (9x19mm pistol) (single-action only pistol) (Barrel Length: 153mm / 6.02 inch).

CZ TS 2 (9x19mm pistol) (single-action only pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 20+1).

CZC A01-LD RAIL Pistol 9mm (by CZ Custom Shop) (9x19mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 19+1) (bull barrel) (MSRP $2,500.00 (2020)).

CZC A01-LD Optic Ready Pistol 9mm (by CZ Custom Shop) (9x19mm pistol) (Magazine Capacity: 19+1) (bull barrel) (MSRP $2,255.00 (2019)).

CZ Shadow 2 ORANGE (9x19mm pistol) (no firing pin block safety) (Magazine Capacity: 17+1) (bushing barrel) (MSRP $1,999.00 (2019)).

CZ Shadow 2 ORANGE (9x19mm pistol) (no firing pin block safety) (Magazine Capacity: 19+1) (bushing barrel).

TANFOGLIO STOCK II XTREME (9x19mm bull barrel pistol).

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame Black Ribbon OR 5" (striker fired pistol) (9x19mm pistol) (Barrel Length: 5 inch) (optics ready).

Laugo Arms Alien (The best IPSC production approved pistol you can own in 2019?) (fixed barrel) (bull barrel) (9x19mm pistol).

Safety (firearms).

Double Alpha Academy Alpha-X Holster (handgun).

Safariland Holsters (handgun).

Falco Gun Holsters (handgun).

Razors Edge MIC Holster Black Fits G17, G17L, G18, G19, G22, G23, G24, G26, G27, G31, G32, G34, G35 (pistol).

CZ Holsters (handgun).

GLOCK holsters (handgun).

Blade-Tech Holsters (handgun).

IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel | 7-time IPSC World Champion | CZ Shadow 2 ORANGE pistol expert.

IPSC World Champion Robert Vogel – World Champion Shooter – Glock pistol expert.

Bivirkningsrapporter for koronavaksiner (ny rapport hver uke) (Statens legemiddelverk).       Våre minnesider.

IPSC Norway (shooting sport).

Exchange rates (Norges Bank).       (Valutakurser).

Criteria for opening an account at Norges Bank.

Svalbard Treaty (Svalbard is part of Norway.) (NATO territory).

If you are bringing currency with a value corresponding to more than NOK 25,000 to or from Norway, you have to notify Norwegian Customs.
(the EU limit is over 400% higher (€10,000)) (Switzerland no limit, no declaration) (2020).

If your driving licence was issued between 1 April 1979 and 31 December 1997 (inclusive),
you need to renew your driving licence before 1 January 2023 (105mmx74mm).

Legal tender notes and coins (Norges Bank) (Norway).
(50kr 126mmx70mm, 100kr 133mmx70mm, 200kr 140mmx70mm, 500kr 147mmx70mm, 1000kr 154mmx70mm).

Manage your credit block (A credit freeze may prevent identity fraud.).

Client state.

Norway-European Union relations (EU bitch).

European Economic Area (EEA).

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) (Member states: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland).

Norges Bank Investment Management Market value (oil money).       Cayman Islands.
(Norge må fjerne formuesskatten, forat oljefondssjef Nicolai Tangen skal få arbeidsro (Oljefondet er viktigere enn formuesskatten.) (2020).)

Nicolai Tangen får plassere sine milliarder i statskasseveksler (det nye navnet på norske statssertifikater)
(Det å ha milliarder i norske statskasseveksler er risikofritt.)
(Det å ha milliarder i norske obligasjonsfond selskaper eller norske bank selskaper er risikoprosjekter.) (2020).

Norwegian Open Research Archives (NORA).

Oria (Library Search Norway).

bibsok.no (Library Search Norway) (fjernlån).

Nasjonalbiblioteket (National Library of Norway Search).

Deichman (The largest public library in Norway.).

The Language Council of Norway (Språkrådet).

( a-z , A-Z , æ , ø , å , Æ , Ø , Å ) (Norwegian language) (Norway).

( æ Alt+0230 , ø Alt+0248 , å Alt+0229 , Æ Alt+0198 , Ø Alt+0216 , Å Alt+0197 ) (Open On-Screen Keyboard (Windows key + Ctrl + O) and choose a Norwegian keyboard?)

Forkortinger (Språkrådet).

NAOB – Det Norske Akademis ordbok.

Matematisk ordliste.

E-post eller epost?

Levels and learning outcome descriptors (NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education)).

Conditions for marriage (Norway bans child marriages, without exception)
(Each person must be at least 18 years old to get married, without exception.) (2019).

I 2019 vart det betalt inn 944 milliardar kroner i skatt.

I 2018 vart det betalt inn 877 milliardar kroner i skatt. (I 2018 vart det betalt inn 16 milliardar kroner i formuesskatt (SSB).)

Norge har ikke lenger råd til å ha formuesskatt?

Norge har ikke lenger råd til å bruke tusenvis av milliarder på innvandring?

Uklarheter om 250 milliarder (250 000 millioner norske kroner) (2018). (I 2018 ble det betalt inn 16 milliarder kroner i formuesskatt (SSB).)

Koster innvandringen 250 milliarder i året (250 000 millioner norske kroner) (2018)? (I 2018 ble det betalt inn 16 milliarder kroner i formuesskatt (SSB).)

Drapet på Maria (19) skaper voldsom debatt i Tyskland (2016).

Drepte i selvforsvar – dømt til fengsel (2018).

Familien prøver å gjenvinne sitt okkuperte feriehus – har tapt to ganger i spansk rett (2020).
(hastegrad 48 timer) (Utenrikstjenesten har et ansvar for å bistå norske borgere i utlandet.)
(Kontaktinformasjon for Utenriksdepartementet Sentralbord 23 95 00 00, E-post til Utenriksdepartementet: post@mfa.no)

Okkupanter tok over ferieboligen til Jørn (67) – nå skal saken opp i retten for tredje gang (2020).
(hastegrad 48 timer) (Utenrikstjenesten har et ansvar for å bistå norske borgere i utlandet.)
(Kontaktinformasjon for Utenriksdepartementet Sentralbord 23 95 00 00, E-post til Utenriksdepartementet: post@mfa.no)

TV 2 jukset med bildebevis i mulig drapssak.

Hevder Gardermoen-varsler ble drept (Når visste Gro Harlem Brundtland at Jan Fredrik Wiborg ble drept?)
(Når visste Erna Solberg at Jan Fredrik Wiborg ble drept?) (true crime) (2014).

Stortinget bestemte 8. juni 1988 at ny hovedflyplass skulle bygges på Hurum (Norway first.) (Det miljøvennlige alternativet.) .
(Hovedflyplass på Hurum forsinket, pga. rusk i maskineriet.) (hydrogenfly)

Miljøskandalen Gardermoen (En Gro Harlem Brundtland skandale.).

Et beleilig dødsfall (true crime).

Mannen som falt (true crime) (Det mangler en dansk obduksjonsrapport.) (Det mangler en norsk obduksjonsrapport.).

Rate for: Wealth tax (Norway).
(Norway has a wealth exit tax (2020).)

Norway allows dual citizenship from 1 January 2020.

Jusprofessor: Regjeringens eksperter tar feil om Grunnlovskrav (Når visste Erna Solberg?) (2018).

Større enn me kunne drøymt om (Hydrogenfabrikk kan skape et industrieventyr i Suldal.) (2018).

Awarded grant to deliver hydrogen to ferries and cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord (2019).

A new fiber optic sea cable system between Norway and the UK (2019).

Intervju med Geir Ugland Jacobsen (2020).
(Er det for mange sosialister i Fremskrittspartiet?)

Demokratene i Norge.

Centre Party (Norway).       Swiss People's Party (Switzerland).

Flertall for flest mulig Norske medaljer i OL og VM (2021).

DR (Danish news).

Aftonbladet (Swedish newspaper).

www.abcnyheter.no (Norwegian online newspaper).

Spania i dag.



Resett – Alt tatt i betraktning (Norwegian online newspaper).

Nationen (Norwegian newspaper).

Steigan.no (Norwegian online newspaper).

Document.no (Norwegian online newspaper).

www.nettavisen.no (Norwegian online newspaper).


www.1881.no (yellow pages Norway and white pages Norway).

www.gulindex.no (yellow pages Norway and white pages Norway).

www.gulesider.no (yellow pages Norway and white pages Norway).

Proff® - The Business Finder (Norway).

eInnsyn (Electronic Public Records Search (Norway (partially censored))).

NAF Reiseplanlegger (travel).

Kristiansand (Norway) – Hirtshals (Denmark) (2 timer og 15 minutter med katamaranen, Fjord FSTR).

Undersjøiske veitunneler i Norge.

Direct Flights from Bergen Airport (BGO) (travel).
(Ny rullebane på Flesland forsinket, pga. rusk i maskineriet.) (hydrogenfly)

Direct Flights from Stavanger Airport (SVG) (travel).

Direct Flights from Kristiansand Airport (KRS) (travel).

Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) destinations from Gatwick (LGW) (travel). (Example: Austin, Texas. (page may need a refresh)) (Example: San Francisco, California.) (Example: Tampa, Florida.)

Flybussen (Airport Express Coach Norway) (travel).

Reisegarantifondet (travel).

Hva er lov i bagasjen? (Luftfartstilsynet) (travel).

www.ving.no (travel).

www.tui.no (travel).

www.apollo.no (travel).

www.loveholidays.no (travel).

www.restplass.no (travel).

www.solfaktor.no (travel).

www.norwegian.no (travel)       Håndbagasje       Innsjekket bagasje.

www.klm.no (travel)       Håndbagasje       Innsjekket bagasje.

American Airlines (travel)       Carry-on bags       Checked bags.

www.finn.no/reise (travel).

KAYAK (travel).

Check your flight rights (travel).

Forbrukerrådet - YouTube.

Magasinstatistikk (fyllingsgrad) (NVE) (vannkraft) (vann).       Strømpriser.

Voteringsoversikt for sak: Endringer i energiloven (tredje energimarkedspakke) (2018).

Nei til EUs ACER-søksmål skal behandles i Oslo tingrett i november 2021.       Rettsinstanser.

Hva skjedde 16. oktober 1992?

Norges fylker.

The Norwegian Tax Administration.

Landkreditt Forsikring (car insurance Norway).

Statens vegvesen introduserer søkefunksjon for eier- og kjøretøyopplysninger (2020).

Eier og kjøretøyopplysninger (krever innlogging) (Statens vegvesen).

Periodic roadworthiness test ("EU inspection") (and vehicle specifications) (Norway) (EU-kontroll) (Periodisk kjøretøykontroll (PKK)).

Name of vehicle owner via SMS text message (Norway).

Finn bil uten å huske nummeret.

Personlig bilskilt.

Etterlyste kjøretøy.

Tilhengerkalkulator (Statens vegvesen).

Savnede personer.

Epstein ødela prins Andrew, nå har Mette-Marit havnet i dragsuget (2019).
(Sikkerhetstjenesten vil alltid foreta en grundig bakgrunnssjekk av nye personer.)

Anna fikk beskjed fra Forsvaret om at hun var valgt ut til førstegangstjeneste på grunn av gode karakterer.
Men disse har ikke Forsvaret lov til å bruke på denne måten (2021).

Jurist er ikke en beskyttet tittel.

En advokatfullmektig er en person som har juridisk embetseksamen, men som ikke har fått advokatbevilling.

Advokat er en beskyttet tittel og det er en rekke formelle kompetansekrav som må være oppfylt før noen kan kalle seg advokat og drive rettshjelpvirksomhet.

Hadde kniv i hanskerommet – fikk 9600 kroner i bot (Privatbil regnes som offentlig sted?)
(Aktverdig formål: JA/NEI, Strafferabatt: JA/NEI, Kvantumsrabatt: JA/NEI, Forvaring: JA/NEI) (2018).

Offentlig sted.



Strafferamme (Straffenivået) (Stortinget).

Liste over moskéer i Norge
(For mer informasjon kontakt tidligere islamiseringsminister Erna Solberg.).

Solberg-regjeringen har vraket alle forslag om bedre beredskap (hastegrad) (2020).

Dette er politiets nye responstider (Når du er nr. 1 i køen?) (hastegrad) (2015).

Politiet i Sør-Vest on Twitter.

Tip-off Norwegian Police.

Domeneshop (web hosting from Norway).


Offentlighet.no (Norwegian registry).

State of the Environment Norway.

Søk for eiendommer ifra matrikkel databasen.

Boligpriser og eiendomspriser.

www.sjakkbutikken.no (Chess Sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Boards) (board game).

NM Fischersjakk 2020 (Chess960) (Drammen 28. - 29. november 2020).

Dekningskart mobilnett     Ice       Telenor       Telia.


Dekk og kjetting (Statens vegvesen).

Tekniske krav til sykkel og elsykkel (Statens vegvesen).


Lov om våpen, skytevåpen, våpendelar og ammunisjon (våpenlova) (våpenloven).

Forskrift om våpen, skytevåpen, våpendelar og ammunisjon (våpenforskrifta) (våpenforskriften).

Norges Skytterforbund.

Min idrett.

Stortingsvalg 2021.

Stortinget   (48+36+28+21+13+8+8+3+3+1=169)
((48+(37)=85) (48+36+(1)=85) (48+28+(9)=85) (48+21+(16)=85) (48+13+(24)=85)).

Plaquenil tablett 200mg (100 stk) (hydroksyklorokin) (Produktnr: 880868 / Varenummer: 166157) (holdbarhet 36 måneder) (pris 143 kroner (24. mars 2020)).
(Prophylaxis | Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 | Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Dose: 400 mg twice a day on Day 1, followed by 400 mg once weekly for the next 7 weeks; to be taken with meals (2020).)

www.janwigestrandsingapore.com (geolocation: Singapore).

www.janwigestrandhongkong.com (geolocation: Hong Kong, China (SAR)).

www.janwigestrandnewzealand.com (geolocation: New Zealand).

www.janwigestrandindia.com (geolocation: India).

www.janwigestrandsouthafrica.com (geolocation: South Africa).

www.janwigestrandbrazil.com (geolocation: Brazil).

www.janwigestrand.info (geolocation: United States).

www.janwigestrand.com (geolocation: United States).

www.janwigestrand.name (geolocation: Norway).

www.janwigestrand.no (geolocation: Norway).

www.over700links.com    (janwigestrandKB7897).

Ctrl + d (save your current web page as a bookmark).

Jan Wigestrand email janwigestrand@protonmail.com .


janwigestrandKB7897 .

This page was last updated on 26 November 2021.

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Ruger 57, F.B.I. Glock, FBI Glock, Glock G-26, Glock G-34, Glock G-35, Glock G-42, P 226, CZ75 SP01, CZ75 SP-01, CZ P10SC OR, CZ P-10SC OR, CZ P-10 SC OR, CZ P10 C OR, CZ P10C OR, CZ P09 kadet .22Long Rifle, 9mmLuger, 9mmPara, 9mmParabellum, 9mmNATO, 9x19mmNATO, .380ACP, 9mm Browning, .380AUTO, .380 Automatic, .40s&w, Orsis rifle 7.62×51mmNATO, .308Win, .300Win Mag, .338Lapua Magnum, .50 BMG, 50BMG, 12.7×99mm NATO, 12.7 × 99 mm NATO,

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Fn 5.7 pistol, FN 5.7x28mm pistol, FN 5.7x28 mm pistol, FN 5.7mm pistol, FN 5.7 mm pistol, FN Five seven 5.27 x 28 FNH pistol, Sig Sauer P320 X-series Legion, Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion, Sig Sauer P320 X-five Legion, Sig Sauer P320 5X Legion, Sig Sauer P320X5 Legion, Sig Sauer X5, Sig Sauer P226 X5 ALLROUND, Sig Sauer P226 Xfive ALLROUND, P226 X FIVE ALLROUND,

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a semi-automatic Glock pistol, Gen5, Gen 5, generation 5, Gen.5, Gen4, Gen 4, generation 4, Gen.4, Glock Mod 34 Kal. 9mm, Glock Model 34 cal 9mm, Glock Mod 19 Kal. 9mm, Glock Model 19 cal 9mm, Glock Mod 35 Kal. 40, Glock Model 35 cal 40, Glock Mod 42 Kal.380, Glock Model 42 cal .380 ACP, pistolas, Glock M42 .380acp, Glock M34 9mm, Glock M26 9mm, Glock M19 9mm, Glock M17 9mm, Glock M35, Glock 42M .380acp, Glock 34M 9mm, Glock 26M 9mm, Glock 19M 9mm, Glock 17M 9mm, Glock 35M, Saiga12,

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